Build your Own White Label App 

Customizable White Label App taxi management software that is easy to use and scale. Automate all the management operations of your taxi company.


Launching an Uber clone app is often a challenge. At ToolRides, we offer you a robust, fast and easy to manage taxi booking software, without stress. We customize, test and launch iOS and Android applications for the Passenger and the Driver.

Customer Application

Passengers can use the app quickly and intuitively. giving you a good experience.
  • Real-time rides tracking
  • Automate travel management
  • Choice of multiple stops
  • Fee Estimate and Customised
  • Customize it with your Brand Company

Driver Application

We understand customer demographics and develop a super clone app to meet business requirements. The solution aims to connect the company with customers easily and provide services efficiently with dedicated apps and dashboards for customers, drivers and company administrators, all of which are accessed from smart screens..
  • Real-time tracking
  • Get all necessary information about your rides
  • Optimized roadmap
  • Supports multiple scheduled services
  • Integrated chat

White Label platform and mobile apps, easy to use for your company.
Since 2015 providing the best transport technology solutions.
Cloud Platform
Integration with map, optimized, address and route services.
Online Support
Two levels of support are designed to meet your need for tecnical and product questions.

Do you still have any questions? We have the answers.

We have a powerful backend. Our cloud hosting solution allows the connections you need, we take care of scaling and improving the server according to your needs. Focus on the benefits while ToolRides takes care of the technical part. You don't need to own the infrastructure, developers, inhouse servers, or work with system administrators.
All the mobile applications we publish are white label. This means that they are highly customizable, and your brand is a priority for us.
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Get started with ToolRides and scale your business with an Uber clone. Benefit from our experience and technology.
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