Yango clone app

Elevate your traditional fleet business to new heights by transforming it into a cutting-edge digital platform. With our state-of-the-art super clone app, embark on a journey into the vast online realm. Our meticulously crafted taxi booking software guarantees seamless management of bookings, facilitated by a powerful admin panel. Embrace the future of transportation and unlock endless possibilities for your business.

ToolRides: Yango app that drives growth and automation

ToolRides is an on-demand taxi booking software that helps expand business reach by providing transportation services to customers at any time. Support the company with custom modules to implement any business dimension. The intuitive user interface meets all user expectations and full technical support resolves any issues related to the solution. This further leads to increased revenue generation and multiple business opportunities to acquire more customers. If you are an entrepreneur or business owner and want to start your transportation business online, we provide white label Yango clone app solution for your business of any rank. Yango clone script is a transportation application solution that allows a company to launch their online taxi booking support. Help customers find rides at their convenience and help drivers earn by completing rides that users have requested. 
White Label Platform and easy to use for your company.
More than 6 years in the IT market specialized in transportation.
Comprehensive system
Integration with map services, directions and routes.
Free support
We are 24/7 when you need it

Yango Clone System

At ToolRides we understand customer demographics and develop a super clone app to meet business requirements. The solution aims to connect the company with customers easily and provide services efficiently with dedicated apps and dashboards for customers, drivers and company administrators, all of which are accessed from smart displays.
  • Real time tracking
  • Get all the necessary information about your deliveries
  • Optimized roadmap
  • Supports multiple scheduled services
  • Integrated chat