7 tips to persuade your drivers to continue accepting trips in the taxi app

7 tips to persuade your drivers to continue accepting trips in the taxi app

After the first 10 years of the 21st century, Uber came in with its taxi app to change everything. Thanks to this, many companies have managed to get back into the race, obtaining considerable results. This does not happen overnight, drivers, passengers and the strategies used must be taken into account. 

When we talk about strategies we are not talking about marketing, it is important to use them to retain and motivate your drivers. They are the backbone of transport companies, so success will depend on their performance. Although everyone already has a work rhythm, with the current competition it is no longer enough. There is a way to motivate them to work more hours and here we will give it to you.

The master keys to unlock motivation

Let's go directly to what interests us, the techniques and tools that you can use to motivate your drivers . Some are basic, but it has been proven that over time they are stopped being applied, sabotaging productivity. We will delve into each one so that it is very clear, so you can apply it in your daily work.

Communicating is the basis of everything

It is well known that communication is vital to ensure that production links are not broken. In fact, it provides a tool to notify your drivers that you are aware of their work. That you seek their well-being and that you know how much or little they have achieved since they joined your company. Showing them positive reinforcements that will be returned in greater productivity and commitment.

On the other hand, it is just as relevant that you listen to them, with their day-to-day problems and challenges. Since they are the face of the client and they may be seeing obstacles to the fulfillment of their days that you cannot see. If the taxi app has errors, there has been some lack of respect, there is a situation with the cars, among other peculiarities.

You always have to be looking for challenges

Today's generations of workers are not only looking to earn a salary that helps them support themselves, they want to have a purpose. Expectations are higher in terms of jobs and if the challenges end they will look for a new step to climb. Therefore, you must set goals from time to time that are achievable and that keep your drivers' attention.

Incentives as perfect complements

Although money is not the only thing your employees are looking for, it should not be detracted from. Rewards are a source of motivation that has worked for many years, although these must be based on specific parameters. The most used are those that have a reference point for the drivers. Like a set number of trips per month or a set number of hours online.

In turn, time-based incentives can be given, since the reference points and parameters are totally dependent on it. For example, if you recently have fewer drivers online in the early morning hours, set rewards from 5 to 10 a.m. So you can fill in the gaps where you have fewer cars available as needed.

Rental cars

Rental cars are a perfect motivational alternative for those who want to enter the profession but do not have their own car. Companies like Uber and Ola have already bought cars to make them available and have even more drivers on their payroll. Those who enter under this condition have to pay a stipulated sum for a certain amount of time to become owners.

Smart algorithms

Another source of discontent for drivers is receiving a large number of short trips, without good pay or not receiving trips at all. To avoid this, it is essential that you get a taxi app with a working algorithm. That it gives all workers trips equitably, without leaving any at a disadvantage.

It is recommended to look for a company that gives suggestions on the appropriate algorithm; at ToolRides we offer personalized attention for these cases. Sometimes it is usually programmed so that no driver gets more than 3 consecutive cash trips or long trips.

Activities to promote socialization

Building a bond with workers is important, keeping clear boundaries. You can increase that connection by organizing events where not only the drivers are invited, but their family can also be included. These types of activities from time to time will offer a different face of who is part of your company.

Extra tools

Heatmaps are tools that highlight the area with high requests in a specific zone. In other words, the regions that have the most trips appear in dark tones and those with the least in light tones. This will help your drivers know where they could be more compensated.

Another way an app can make things easier for your drivers is by sending reminders. This way they will be able to know if they are close to achieving a goal or objective, preventing them from losing it due to carelessness. Notifications will always be a good addition to an application so that when you are busy driving you don't miss anything.

Happy workers equals high numbers

Following our tips will make it a simple task to achieve favorable results. In addition to what we already mentioned, you can devise new techniques for your drivers. Since the source of motivation may vary depending on your region, culture and tradition. We won't say, as long as your drivers are incentivized they will try to stay online on your taxi app by themselves while being productive.

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