How can logistics marketing promote a taxi service?

How can logistics marketing promote a taxi service?

Marketing came to raise a new era in commerce, fresh ideas that you will need when having a taxi service. Logistics-type marketing is responsible for mixing attention with cost reduction and tools that improve a service. 58% of small and large sales are now managed through the internet. At ToolRides we find it extremely important that these details are known in order to take your company to the next level.

What is logistics marketing?

Customers seek to obtain a service that has the appropriate conditions and is always available. However, it's useless to promote it in this way if it doesn't really work. It's in those moments where logistics become an essential tool for marketing. Because if all these processes flow, it gives room to promotion, but above all, to guarantee satisfied customers.

Therefore, with this alliance, the client is listened to, considering trends, and communication is personalized. Similarly, it seeks to match planning with reality. Thanks to the quick responses, the service according to the needs of the client and the evolution as a brand. In summary, this type of marketing seeks to retain customers through a great experience.

Logistics marketing functions

The functions are those that perfectly join both areas seeking the greatest amount of benefits and profits for the company. Without neglecting the positive feedback of those who use or pay for the service. These are:

      Constancy in the flow of products or services, using plans that are based on marketing logistics strategies. To ensure that in this case, the company that has taxis or delivery systems always complies with the routes, schedules and deliveries on time.

      Accelerating delivery or travel time, these tools make it ever easier to meet what the customer needs. Using the fastest and safest routes, so that cars don't wear out, don't consume as much fuel and prevent users from losing patience.

       Inventory control, this function maintains, as its name indicates, control by analyzing sales KPIs. This allows the appropriate strategies to be sought so that there is a demand for what you offer and it can be fulfilled without any inconvenience.

      Feedback, the best way to know if you are working as it should is what customers say about you. For this, satisfaction indicators are used, which are applied when the service is completed. Learning about how well customer expectations were met and what they expect to see change.

The 4 Ps of logistics marketing

There are certain basic parameters that constitute this type of tool, these are the 4 Ps. These are: Product, whether tangible or not, price, point of sale and promotion. Knowing this, it will be possible to understand the importance it has when it comes to growing a service for taxis. So here we break down each element.

Learn all about the product

When we talk about products, it doesn't have to be an object, it can be a service or something intangible. This is the center of a company, as well as being the cornerstone of a marketing campaign. It's recommended to soak up on all the features it has, in this case how many cars your taxi company will have, what routes it will use, among others.

What is the reason for all this investigative obligation? You will not be able to inform your customers of something you are not sure about. According to a KPMG study, 61% of buyers want to know the characteristics of what they are going to buy before paying for it. So logistics comes into play to find the best ways to deliver this information. For example, if a business community is to be served, punctuality should be sold as a badge to catch them.

What is the best price to offer?

It's no secret that some customers base their choice on the cost of the service. We know that it's not easy to determine the value of what you offer. If the price is too low, there may be losses, and if it's too high, the client may not choose you. Marketing logistics intervenes by controlling or supervising all the factors that can increase or decrease the value of the service.

The point of sale or distribution

The point of sale has to do with costs, but also with something very important: time. As we already mentioned in the functions, the reduction of time is sought, with the minimum amount of expenses. Of course, that does not mean that the quality of the service should diminish, it’s only a matter of not wasting profitability.

The essential promotion

Visibility is key in marketing, using all possible ways to make a brand known. The area we have been talking about looks for what media are suitable for advertising. Each company is different, so it's customized according to its objectives. You have to analyze and find the mix that reaches your potential customers. It is linked to the previous point because it depends on profitability and quality.

Be like the big ones and use logistics marketing

Now that you know how this great area of ​​marketing works, you can apply it in your company and get its benefits. It will optimize the resources you already have, providing a better experience for your customers. As you can see, a taxi service can rely on this area of ​​marketing to improve. In addition, you will get to know your company better, what you offer, the competition and, above all, your customers.

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