Get more customers in your taxi service with coupons

Get more customers in your taxi service with coupons

A taxi service is supported by customers, but what do they like more than anything? Discount coupons and cards to give to friends. So starting to give them as a loyalty reward or to hook them, is extremely beneficial. However, there is a third option to collect credits, so you can accumulate credits as you make reservations.

How do you apply these bonuses?

Whether it's coupons, credits, or gift cards, you can customize these bonuses however you like. Many companies let customers use them when and how they prefer. The positive thing is that in the custom apps that ToolRides creates there is already a special section for these awards. So all you have to do is plan them, give your customers a code, have them upload them to the app and that's it!

Just as you can leave it to the customers' taste, seasonal discounts also serve. Coupons for Valentine's Day, Mother's and Father's Day, Christmas or the dates that are celebrated in your country. These have an expiration date, so they serve to give a little push to customers using your service on those days.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are usually made with a certain balance, which is chosen by who decides to give it away. They can be executed in two ways, using them by reserve or by the balance that is being consumed. The reservation is usually more complicated, because the price varies according to the distance. While if it's with balance you can take control of taxis in a more organized way. So we recommend that this second option be used preferably.

Accumulated Coupons and Credits

Big cab companies like Uber have had great results using credits and coupons. Because they have known how to give them a "prize" ride so that their clients feel a certain retribution from them. So we list the different ways to give a coupon successfully.

● When a certain amount of reserves is reached, it can be 15, 25, 50 or whatever you prefer to arrange.

● By collaborating by filling out surveys or being a very good customer, if you have scores for each customer you can take advantage of rewarding their effort.

● If they constantly use the service of their associated companies, restaurants, hotels or airports

Coupons with your partners

As we mentioned previously, associated companies can be part of these bonuses. For example, if you work with a food chain, you can give coupons based on the number of deliveries that the customer requests. Or, if it's from a hotel, by the number of times you stay at the hotel. it's a matter of reaching an agreement that benefits both parties.

Coupons for your employees

Just as customer loyalty is rewarded, they can give extra value to the drivers of your taxi service for their effort. If they keep their papers in order, if they clean their car according to the new sanitation measures, it will depend on what you want to reinforce. You can pay for a free car wash, dinner, or a massage to relax tense driving muscles.

Coupon Delivery Alternatives

We already talked about how ToolRides custom apps make it easy to redeem coupons. But, there are companies that also promote these through their social networks, making it more attractive to potential new customers. The most used being Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and in some more direct cases, Telegram.

There are also tools such as the Newsletter through the email of your clients. There you promote news, coupons for those who subscribe, and general information. it's very practical because they are sent in a chain, the user decides whether or not to be there and it's a service that you would provide for free. So customers will find it totally positive, without costing them anything.

Pros and cons of benefits

Gift cards have certain differences that can be advantages, but also disadvantages depending on what the customer is looking for. The cards for their part give freedom of use to who owns it, since it's paid in advance. Besides that they can be a gift as a company or a detail that can be done in quantities.

Coupons, on the other hand, usually have personalized details that the company dictates in order to use them. Coupons sometimes require a minimum spend, but are useful when a reservation is needed or when funds are low. They serve as a reward and can be easily used on allies you work with. In any case, offering both options to your customers is more recommended than only dedicating one.

Join the best customer service

These types of tools to reward your customers and workers are simple but efficient. When you increase satisfaction levels, your employees will work better, which will make your taxi service more productive. And, on the other hand, you manage to strengthen ties with your customers without any kind of loss. So it's a win/win that you shouldn't let go.

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