Is it expensive to develop a taxi app?

Is it expensive to develop a taxi app?

In order to get a company to push itself and establish itself among the biggest competitors in a market, it’s necessary to work to improve every aspect of the service it intends to offer. Currently, one of the proposals to innovate in the transport business is to implement tools such as a taxi app.

You may be interested in increasing your income and popularity with the help of this platform. However, many are limited by not being clear about the cost of developing it. It is for this reason that we have compiled important information on the topic. Maybe it will help you to check if it is feasible to invest in an app right now.

The cost of developing an app that resembles that of Uber will depend on many factors. Considering the most relevant and common elements that may be in platforms of this type, we have managed to estimate the cost that it could have. Of course, the price can vary if you want to add new elements or if you constantly modify the app.

Studies that you should consider to develop a taxi system

Determining how much it will cost to create a taxi app is definitely not an easy task. However, to have an estimate of how much you need to develop it, you must take into account factors such as:

  1.   Percentage of interested parties.

  2.   Number of platforms that will be required for the initial launch.

  3.   Diagram of pros and cons of the business model.

  4. Geographical study of the region where the development team or product engineers operate or will operate.

Generally, the rates of these studies tend to vary due to many details. Therefore, it’s always better to entrust the development to a company like ToolRides that gives you security during the entire process. In addition, it is important that you highlight the market niche to which you are looking to target, so that in this way you can find the information that best suits your project.

The creation of a taxi app requires web/mobile interfaces, since these are functional both in the case of supply and demand. Parallel development efforts should be considered in all respects, meaning if you decide to release the platform for both iOS and Android systems, the work should be done jointly.

Know your market well to assess if you need a taxi app

Before developing or implementing any type of strategies or tools, it is essential to know the type of market in which you are or in which you wish to enter. The companies that offer transport services are usually in constant demand. It should be noted that customers tend to be extremely demanding with the quality of service they require.

The ground transportation market is developed based on directing its services to children, adults, senior citizens, young adults, corporations, among others. Clearly, when talking about independent services, many details must be studied that can start to get complicated. For this reason, it is necessary to know your market before starting the programming, monitoring, payment configuration, reviews, notifications, and registration processes.

He considers that the requirements in this area are impressive and the expectations of the users are even more so. These are looking for an ally that meets their needs and you must make sure they can find it in your business. Study what options you will see included in your application and make sure that these are really going to be necessary for your users.

Modules of a taxi platform

A platform of this type is aimed at drivers and passengers. However, you must also have a central management dashboard. This will be considered the "general platform" and operates under the integration of different modules. Some of these would be: tracking, payments, review, analytics and many more.

Each one of these models must be developed in a personalized way and it’s recommended that such customization be applied completely from the structure to the appearance of the platform. Users currently state that there has been no innovation in the creation of systems for taxis, so they don't have a specific platform to go to, but instead tend to use the traditional route.

Tips for creating your taxi app

For the development of a good tool, it is necessary that you first know a little about technological concepts such as: angularjs, nodejs, mongodb and many more. This will help you get a better idea of what the app creation and development process is like. Let's remember that starting a business is a complicated task and doing it through technological tools can be a real challenge. Some tips that might help you are:

      Learn bit by bit about the technology you want to use.

      Keep in mind what their life cycle is like.

      Find out who are the early adopters and lean towards them.

      Never cling to just one development method.

      Even when you're innovating, never let your vision close.

How long does it take to develop a taxi app?

It is likely that in addition to the cost, another question you have when creating a platform for your service is how long it will take to be fully ready. To answer this question you must consider various factors. Its development will depend on the amount of resources you use, as well as the complexity of the options you want to integrate into the system.

    The development of the design and structure of the application for Android can take between 40-50 days.

  Like the previous one, the development of the design and structure of the iOS application can take between 40-50 days..

      Design and development for the web application can take 38-40 days.

We have to highlight that even when the app creation time is short, the system requires a trial period. Determining the exact time in which it will be fully developed is impossible. However, an estimate that is calculated indicates that it could be between 60 and 70 days.

Something that will help you throughout this innovation process through a taxi app is to advise you with professionals in the area. At ToolRides, we are willing to help you with the pricing and development of your application, as well as with those extra details that will benefit your app and consequently, your business.

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