Learn all about taking children and babies in your taxi service

Learn all about taking children and babies in your taxi service

When traveling with children in cars we all know that it is important to keep them safe, it should not be different in a taxi service. Restraint systems are very helpful and in some countries not using them is considered a serious offense. These drastically reduce infant deaths by 75% and injuries by 90% in case of any mishap or accident.

Every day those who make traffic rules try to give a concrete response to the needs and duties of citizens. In these rules there are exceptions that are made depending on where you are driving, which as a parent or in this case, a driver, you should take into account.

When is it really mandatory to use CRS?

The CRS or child restraint system keeps the baby or child secured to the seat. And no, seatbelts don't count in these, as they are designed for those with a strong build, 5'2" tall. In children, safety seats or seats are used, which come in various models according to size, height and age.

In countries with laws on the subject, they explain that all children under 135 centimeters tall must wear a CRS. Besides being strictly prohibited from going in the front seat of the car. If you want to start implementing these systems in a taxi company, you have to be careful with second-hand or inherited seats. Because these already have deteriorated materials that do not ensure the same quality of safety.

How to use CRS in a taxi service?

There are certain rules applicable only in the case of children traveling in taxis, which are the responsibility of the parents in a greater percentage. In urban traffic areas or large urban areas, children will be able to ride in the taxi without a safety seat. As long as they are in the back seat there would be no problem, but it is only the decision of their guardians.

However, there are more and more who can include CRS in their taxi services when booking. Providing help for those parents who don't have it at hand or who are looking to get out of town for a while. But, it should always be requested in advance since travel with children is not the common denominator. So reservations will not always have a safety chair available to the customer.

Tips for parents and drivers

Carrying children in a car reserved for transportation requires collaboration from all parties. So we made a small list where recommendations are added to make the trip as safe and comfortable as possible.

● It is important to plan in advance if you are going out with children, it is special in terms of schedules. It is better to contact the taxi service at times to avoid crowds, also preventing children from getting impatient.

● As a driver, you must respect all traffic signs and avoid exceeding the speed limits according to the area.

● If you have air conditioning and heating it's better to go with the windows closed. Decreasing the risk that the child may lean out or throw an object that could cause an accident. If you have the automatic lock it is the best option, preventing them from rolling down the window themselves.

● When arriving at the reserve, passengers can be recommended to use the trunk, so they can store things that make the trip uncomfortable. And, most importantly, you'll be able to avoid giving children objects to throw towards the front of the car.

● If you are going to travel a considerable distance, you must make agreed stops from time to time. For children and babies, these stops are essential, taking into account the feared postural asphyxia. This occurs in babies when trips are longer than two hours.

● The example is very important, as children learn by imitation. Make putting on seat belts fun, so that they see it as something important and not that they are necessarily tied.

What to do if they book only for the child?

There are many cases where it is reserved for only one child, without the supervision of an adult passenger with them. This generates much more responsibility on the driver and restlessness to see that everything is fine. A great option is for the child to sleep in his seat, so he can rest during the trip and the driver will be concentrated.

Whether the child is using CRS or not, it is best to put all the locks, windows, doors and even the manual child pass. Thus, the risk that they can open a door will be zero. In addition, the harnesses of the chair must be well secured so that they are well taut, without any cover that prevents them from working. If the infant is less than 15 months old, it is best to place the seat in the opposite direction, in case of a frontal collision.

Safety first

Parents will always look for a taxi service that thinks about the safety of the children. That they put comfort and good care above what is going to be paid. We know that children are, in an accident, the most likely to have serious injuries. So don't forget to follow our recommendations, so that you can win the attention of this important sector of your customers.

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