Make your business catapult with an Uber-like app

Make your business catapult with an Uber-like app

Despite all the changes that the world has had, taxis remain thanks to the fact that there are different Uber-type apps . You should not be afraid that your industry will come to an end, although we know that cars change and customer preferences change too. However, the need to mobilize will always be current, all that remains is to adapt to be able to emerge in the market.

Businesses stand out from the competition thanks to fresh ideas that are consistent with what users are looking for. And, with the return to in-person life, competition toughened both locally and globally. Picking someone up from point A to drop them off at point B is basic. So the versatility of an app is what currently stands out among these new ideas.

Evolve so as not to die

As we could already mention, the traditional taxi service model is obsolete. Giving rise to personalized and/or shared taxi booking to take its place. It should be noted that although the app facilitates many processes, it must be supported by novelty. So that in the long term the investment is worth it and returns it in profits.

By doing a thorough study, you can make a comparison between how your business is currently doing and how large companies operate. To find the differences and be able to create a business model that adds value to your brand. How do you know which direction to look and orient yourself? We have some recommendations to help you with your change.

School buses with Uber-type app

Many educational institutions invest in offering round-trip transportation in order to guarantee the attendance of their students. They usually prefer that whoever provides the service is reliable, safe and legal, but local. It is a great responsibility because not only who hires you will be aware, but also the parents, who will want to be aware of any details.

This is a great opportunity to cover a part of the market that almost no one has taken. That when mixed with an Uber-type app can generate large fixed income, as well as position you above the competition. The hook is to offer real-time location and data on who the driver is. So that everyone involved can feel calmer about the safety of children and young people.

Ambulance service?

If there is a transportation service that needs to be efficient, fast and equally safe, it is health. It is known that hospitals, government entities and private companies have had availability failures. Calls that are not answered, uncertainty of not knowing where the ambulance is coming from, a large number of things that, as a user, make you more nervous.

We started with the premise that no one would call an ambulance if it weren't an absolute emergency. This is where an Uber-type app comes in since it is a great niche to partner with, to in turn improve it. It also works if you are a transportation company and not an ambulance company. Since it covers locations in real time, it pushes for punctuality, among other great features.

Taxis for cities surrounded by water

The concept of a water taxi may sound very strange, but many cities or countries need them to get around. Becoming one of the most important pillars of the economy of those localities. These are used commercially, touristically and even personally, between the private and the public. It seems like unexplored territory but transportation giants have already covered it, for example, Uber Boat in Croatia.

It works the same as the rest of the land services, although it is less personalized, because they would be more established routes. It is more to speed up procedures, be able to better locate rates, know the exact route, if the ship is already close and give reviews or ratings.

Together it is better and easier

One of the ideas that has gained traction in recent years is ride sharing. It helps to connect many people and, incidentally, to share the fees equally. And, unlike what it may seem, it does not generate any type of loss if managed correctly. Many companies like Miller and Carma are evidence of this on Android and iOS.

If you had not heard of this modality before, it is time to implement it so that you can be a pioneer in your city. Even though the route is shared, the app will take care of the customer's privacy aspects. Showing on each device how much must be paid, processing the entire payment online if this is the customer's preference. Avoiding those cumbersome money exchanges between the driver and the passenger.

Why not luxury vehicles?

As a taxi company it is totally normal not to have luxury cars in the fleet. However, statistics from recent years have shown that this service is being paid very well. Working in two ways, hire a driver to take you or directly rent the car for personal use. It can be a great section to separately manage high-end vehicles.

Generally, people who reserve this type of car do so for a specific period. Whether it is a trip to a new city, you want to live the experience or for a client, in the case of hotels or companies. It is not a difficult task to make this adaptation, at Toolrides, for example, we are used to these requirements.

The one who innovates better and faster is the winner

It only depends on you whether your business succeeds in your area, since generally people prefer something local. Take advantage of these tips to innovate, grow, as well as be accepted as worthy competition in the market. Don't be afraid to invest in an app like Uber to help you and your future users. Maybe the ideas you think are crazy can be what sets you apart from the crowd.

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