Mobility through software for taxi services

Mobility through software for taxi services

With previous blogs it has been clear that the use of software is an essential part of a taxi service business, regardless of what service options your company has, customers will be able to decide through the mobile application.

ATOM mobility is aimed at businesses that offer car-sharing services. Coming up and designing the ideas of what you need in your software is not complicated. However, there are many small details to consider.

You need to ask yourself the following: Do you want to purchase software from scratch where you can add the services that you will offer or will you choose to purchase one that contains existing options on the market? Continue reading, as this article will likely help you decide which is the best option for you. It is important to note that with both options you will find both advantages and disadvantages.

Factors to consider before acquiring or creating software for your business

If you are really determined about developing software from scratch, you should take a step back. Yes, you should start with research on what features you might need and how one thing can lead to another. This will probably take you a lot of time and money. However, it is clear that it will be worth it.

With this you can get an impression of what customers need just by operating in the market. ATOM is a clear example of this, as it is operating in 23 countries and its software is a white label solution for car-sharing companies.

It includes over 100 different features and settings that users may need. And those features are a collection of user suggestions made over several years in those markets.

Everything you need to know before creating your own software

The goal of conducting in-depth research is to understand what car sharing software could or should be like. By doing your research, you can start preparing the brief and documentation for the developers you will encounter. Some things you should also consider before starting to work on a technical solution are:

  • Backend as well as frontend must be developed and supported so that your team can manage operations.

  • There should be two versions of the mobile app: one for devices running iOS and another for Android devices.

  • Apps must be compatible with smart locks.

  • The IT solution must be tested and debugged properly.

The most convenient way for the service team to operate is by using the phone app. Which means there should be one more app for your drivers, collaborators or workers. Your team members may also have iOS or Android devices, so an app should be developed for both.

Never forget to keep good control of everything

To achieve good control of everything that happens administratively with your business, it is necessary to have a billing option and also the option to create reports. With these you will be able to see statistics, analyze routes, distribute promotions, launch referral programs, as well as many others.

The software requires testing, private release, debugging and support. And only then will the software be ready for public release. However, more bug fixes should probably be made along the way, to ensure that your customers have the best possible experience with your software.

How long would it take to release software for your services?

This entire process mentioned above takes approximately one year. Clearly work must be done correctly for the solution to work, as well as integration with smart locks or IoT solutions. The taxi services and car sharing industry is changing very quickly and this is because new players are entering.

In addition to this, others are expanding and using new means of transportation to share vehicles. There are a lot of things that can happen and change in a year, meaning it can be hard to catch up. Competitors constantly offer and create new functions that were not on the market before, an example of this is subscriptions, which are currently trending.

Another white label solution for the transportation services market is to constantly collect knowledge of your customers and add new features. These features are integrated into the solutions offered to other customers so that everyone is up to date. This is a tailor-made solution and it will depend on you, it will take additional time and money.

Advantages and disadvantages of this process

One thing that speaks in favor of the white label solution is that it makes your business very successful. However, when developing taxi services software for a single vehicle type, you likely won't be able to grow by adding other vehicle types. You will need to make significant changes to existing software or develop new one. So you'll probably have to start over.

If your business becomes scalable, the software may not be appropriate for a larger fleet of vehicles. You should know that white label solution providers are usually prepared for the success of their clients, since they have supported thousands of vehicles for some time. There are times when it is worth considering developing a custom solution, new software for your transportation services business, it is worth it.

There are many attractive options that you can offer in your business and one of them is vehicle sharing. Among others, it is having a quality platform that always allows access. Keep in mind that the network is strong when working hand in hand with industry leaders. It's time to decide what is best for your taxi service business.

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