Most commonly used booking channel in taxi control

Most commonly used booking channel in taxi control

Every year, companies hope to improve in the field of taxi control and seek a balance between comfort and innovation. Life is now returning to a state of unrest where time can’t be wasted. Although it’s necessary to introduce avant-garde methods of enlistment, we should not forget the traditional methods that are still effective.

If you don't know how to handle this situation, or you don't have enough information, don't worry! In ToolRides, we want to tell you the most commonly used booking channels. As well as what benefits each of them has, no matter if they’re the most common or related to new technologies.

Booking channel type 

Over the years, booking channels have had to change constantly, and of course they are also improving. Once we all called a taxi to pick us up in the street. On the positive side, there are alternatives to waiting without leaving your home or office. We will explain to you the most commonly used taxi services.

Traditional method 

At least in the past few decades, the basic method used was to book every call. This is constantly updated and is referred to as Interactive Voice or IRV Response. They help obtain data about customers, such as their names, addresses, and instructions. However, many companies still have classic operators, because there are always people who prefer the conventional. And it’s inconvenient to lose customers over something like this.


Website Booking 

When the taxi company creates a page to facilitate the booking process, it does so considering speed. This option is widely used by hotel companies and offices with a large number of employees. Because the receptionist or those who are on the computer all day may take a short time to make a reservation.

It would be better if the website system booked the travel in advance, because their transportation would be on time. It’s recommended that these pages have maps to better locate customers and drivers. In addition to simple and intuitive forms that can also facilitate this process.

Famous Taxi App 

Apps are the most functional and fastest method on the market today. Because it's very comfortable, you just pick up the device, download the app, fill in the data, and book. In ToolRides, we can help you get a personalized app to meet the needs of your company, as well as your customers and drivers. Some of the most attractive options in our app are:

  • Real time maps to track the most appropriate routes.

  • Intelligent dispatching panel with graphics, statistics and adjustable options.

  • The client’s version is designed to be intuitive, and the driver’s version to be robust.

  • It can be available both in the App Store and Play Store and run on different devices.

  • Options for creating dynamic forms.

  • Access according to the level of the employee and related companies.

  • Automatic payment tab and discounts

Company selection 

The above options include entering an associated company. Companies such as hotels, discos, restaurants and airports have generated a large number of potential customers. Therefore, they should have their own special part in the taxi control area, where they can directly enter. Therefore, we provide this for you in ToolRides, so that your partners will feel that you have given them priority.

The most advanced technology 

Fleets with a large number of drivers, partners and workers are working with technology. The best example is Uber, which maintains websites, apps and other booking systems and integrates everything with the best interface. This is achieved through so-called application programming or APIs. It seeks perfect synchronization between channel and business development.

How to know what’s the right choice for you?

Given all the various booking options, a big question arises, which one is the most suitable for my team and company? We suggest to conduct in-depth analysis, taking into account the following data:

  • Fleet size.

  • If you have or are looking for business allies.

  • The number of routes and the width of the zone.

  • If you’ll only be lending travel agency services or  also delivery.

  • Budget for investment.

  • Types of recurring customers and their possibilities.

By understanding these variables, you can determine whether all channels are required. Or if the best way is to integrate them as the company expands. An app is a very complete and adaptable option, so it’s one of the most recommended options. These will help position you as a competitor in the current market.


Expand your booking channels 

It’s important to understand that the world and the people living in it are constantly changing. Perhaps within a few years, the use of web pages will become obsolete. Therefore, you must always be open to updates as a company. By focusing on the customer's needs and combining them with your vision, you will achieve a perfect combination for success. Don't ignore taxi control, use it, so you can see with statistics how you’ve improved.

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