Parking at the forefront of transportation methods

Parking at the forefront of transportation methods
  • Miércoles, 14 de junio de 2023
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Life changes constantly, because it is normal for human beings, so we can ask ourselves. Aren't those old parking lots already somewhat obsolete? We no longer have the same transportation methods of a few decades ago. We have micro mobility, electric vehicles, more compact cars and bikes have been normalized again, for this reason changes are needed.

According to a study carried out by the Department of Economic and Social Affairs of the United Nations, 68% of the population in 2050 will live in urban areas. This has caused many specialists to look for ways to adapt mobility to what they called a future "demographic stress". For this reason, it is necessary to visualize the different factors that influence this topic to know how everything will be in the coming years.

The future generations

An article written by Bill Hurrell for CDM Smith comments that "one of the most frequent concerns around parking is car ownership." Because according to evidence, today's young adults are less inclined to buy their own. They tend to prefer to use taxi services, walk, use micro mobility or simply share car expenses with a friend who does own one.

For all this already mentioned we can see why some cities have fewer and fewer parking spaces. Instead, giving way to spaces for companies like Uber to have their service and administration centers. Since e-commerce is absorbing transportation methods so well that it is not necessary to take up so many spaces.

Futuristic is already a reality?

When we saw movies about what the 2020s would be like, we thought it was very fanciful. But autonomous vehicles have shown that what man imagines, he creates. In case you're not steeped in the subject, this type of car is capable of moving on its own. What is called the automatic pilot, but perceiving the environment that surrounds it, customizing itself according to its owner through hardware and software.

Of course, for the cars to work, they have state-of-the-art technology in cameras, sensors and remote assistance operators. Because these are so advanced, they don't need parking spaces, so certain cities are in limbo. If the population grows more and more, more parking spaces will be needed, but if technology advances they will not be useful. So many decided to let everything take its course to be able to see which path is the best.

Is e-commerce the extinction of parking?

Another of the reasons that have put car parks in danger has been online retail trade. You may wonder, what does one thing have to do with the other? We explain to you, a large number of stores have stopped renting premises to be able to manage everything online. So, they are unused spaces that remain throughout the city, reducing the need for a parking space.

This is why many of those spaces that were previously parking spaces have been turned into buildings. It is not that physical commerce is in danger because department stores will always be in force. It is that the modernization is helping to make better use of the spaces for what is absolutely necessary.

Adapt to survive

There are already approaches for future plans to be able to adapt the sites without becoming obsolete. We will explain some of them so that you can understand more clearly where the specialists are pointing.

Build and reuse

For those who think that they should not stop building parking lots, reusable construction has been proposed. So that when the moment arrives when it is not useful, it can provide space for other types of matters. It is an option that leaves a door open, however, you should be aware of your investment. Because this would require more elaboration so that it can be adapted to different functions.

Standard prices

Another of the proposals has been the modulation of the prices charged at the parking meters. Currently these are digital and can be configured as time progresses. There is talk of managers modifying the rate according to positioning. Everyone wants to have a space close to where they are going, these would be a little more expensive. On the other hand, if a person has a distant position that will make him have to walk more, he will have to pay less.

There is also talk of charging for peak hours, which seeks to reward those who arrive at the car park on time in certain ways. On the other hand, if you arrive quickly at a busy hour, you should make the effort to pay a little more for a good place. This is proposed to gradually shape people's trends.

Innovative parking

An alternative linked to collaborating with the environment and reducing gas emissions has begun to be implemented. In which the street parking lots have begun to be eliminated, replacing them with underground ones. These substantially improved the traffic in urban centers, since they moved to the outskirts of the historic centers.

This relocation job requires a lot of planning, as well as advertising to get the word out about the new parking lots. If they are rolled to the entrances of the center, drivers will save time, there will be less pollution, as well as less congested cities.

Technology to find parking spaces

One of the main problems of driving your own car is being able to find where to park. The positive thing is that applications have already been created to give you a hand. In order to give you the location of places with available positions and that can be set aside. Registering the license plate, to then make the payment digitally, all this while having real-time data.

When you register you are shown a generic map with traffic, rush hours and places that tend to fill up easily. According to statistics, these apps reduce by 40% the production of gas emissions from driving looking for places. Traffic by 8% and by 43% the time spent parking. In addition, those who join these apps will have a significant competitive advantage.

The world changes for the better

In short, the car park of the future is a response to the needs of the environment and of new means of transport. But above all the requirements of the citizens added to the modifications of the city itself. Thus allowing the world of mobility to change to the healthy and practical.

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