The importance of obtaining good scores in an Uber-type software

The importance of obtaining good scores in an Uber-type software

If you have a taxi service that uses an Uber-type software, then you know how important it can be for drivers to have good ratings. Well, metrics such as driver score and acceptance rate allow passengers to feel more confident when taking a trip. The higher a driver's score, the more confident passengers will be in getting into their vehicle.

That's why it's important to know what are the actions that please the majority of passengers. In this way, you'll be able to encourage your drivers so that each of their trips is a pleasant experience so that they achieve many more 5-star scores. Ensuring that more passengers want to travel using your service, thus increasing your income.

Teach your drivers to get 5-star ratings

Being part of a taxi fleet that uses an Uber clone for passenger and driver assignment, you need to explain to your drivers how the system works. This way, they will be able to get the most out of it and become drivers with an excellent reputation, which can lead to clients recommending your services. That is why we recommend that you teach your drivers to take into account the following points:

Travel acceptance

When the platform takes care of matching a passenger with a driver, it does so based on arrival time. Trying to provide the best possible option to optimize the trip. Therefore, when a driver receives a ride request, they should try to accept it in the shortest amount of time possible. Since, a long waiting time can lead to the passenger canceling the trip request.

This doesn't mean that every request that appears should be accepted. Only that, the less time passengers are made to wait, the more likely you are to get a high score. Since what the users of this type of system for taxis want is fast and effective service.

Respect for passengers is paramount

One of the things that passengers take into account when leaving their evaluation is the education of their driver. Because of this, we recommend that drivers be courteous to everyone who gets into their vehicle and respect limits. Trying not to interfere in other people's conversations, avoiding being rude and not playing music at very high volumes can make a difference.

It's necessary to understand that not all passengers are the same, while some prefer to have a conversation with their taxi driver, there are others who prefer to travel in silence. Similarly, it's always better to ask if they prefer to listen to music or not, as well as the type of music they like. Thus, users are more likely to feel comfortable traveling with your drivers.

Vehicles need to be kept in top condition

A good impression can captivate your users, so make sure that the vehicles in your fleet always look impeccable. They don't all have to be super new cars to impress passengers. It's enough to keep them in an optimal state and avoid them looking messy, dirty or neglected. If your customers feel comfortable traveling in your drivers' vehicles, we assure you that your Uber-like software will grow in popularity.

Remember that, during these times of pandemic, it's necessary to give your passengers the confidence that they are in a safe and clean space. Make sure your drivers know that it's necessary, not to say mandatory, to disinfect their vehicles after each trip. Since this generates a good impression on all users who travel with them.

The rule is always to drive carefully

As we already mentioned, one of the things that can guarantee excellent scores from passengers is to make them feel safe. Therefore, it's important that your drivers respect traffic regulations and always try to drive carefully. They must keep in mind that, although getting their passengers to their destination quickly is ideal, they must never put their safety at risk at any time.

Make sure your drivers and passengers always wear their seat belts. Also, make sure your drivers know to always stay on their proper lanes, obey traffic lights, other signage, and not use their phones while driving. This not only provides a sense of security to the passengers who choose your service, but also allows them to see that your drivers are professional and responsible.

Encourage your drivers to accept all available forms of payment

Even if your drivers have a specific payment method that they prefer when using an Uber-like Software, it's better if they accept all of them. Well, many users prefer to use this type of application because of the ease they provide when making the payments. By refusing to accept certain payment methods, you are limiting your customers, so they might prefer another driver, and even another service, over you.

It doesn't matter if it's cash, credit card, coupons or App wallet balance, make your drivers accept all available payment methods. Removing barriers to passengers ensures that they have a great experience and that they feel satisfied with the service provided. This translates into good scores and allows future passengers to feel more secure when hiring your services.

Teach your drivers these tips and you’ll see how your service grows

By following all of these tips, your drivers will not only increase their income and improve their reputation, but will help your platform grow. Well, gaining popularity for being a quality Uber-type Software, with respectful and responsible drivers, will bring you benefits. You will be able to get more users, more income and the loyalty of your users. What are you waiting for? Train your fleet to be 5 star drivers.

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