Tips to be a great taxi passenger

Tips to be a great taxi passenger
  • Viernes, 22 de septiembre de 2023
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You are always looking for a driver with good reviews, but, as a taxi passenger, would you have a good one? Normally, transportation companies make a selection of the best drivers and in some apps you can see their performance. However, there are very few that offer ratings to passengers, this is a way in which you can encourage your passengers to use your services with a courteous and friendly attitude.

You should always try to be polite, communicative and above all respectful, avoid taking advantage of someone who is only doing their job. There are norms already established intrinsically that we all as citizens comply with. But, if you want to be a five-star customer, these are some tips you can give your customers.

Be polite and friendly

Everyone seeks to be treated with respect, you must provide this respect so that you can receive it, because a taxi driver is not a servant, he is a professional in his field and looking over your shoulder is very impolite. That person is not aware of what is happening in the clients personal lives, so if he is having a bad day it is preferable to have brief communication. Good morning, evening or simply saying thank you makes a considerable difference and can even improve the atmosphere of the trip.

When requesting help, it is requested as “can you do me a favor” and not as an order. We know that it is your job to help with suitcases, to drive while respecting traffic laws, but it doesn't hurt to ask with kindness and respect. If a mistake is made, it must be accepted, we must remember that the driver is only doing his job and must maintain the rules.

Being an uncomfortable taxi passenger

You should avoid telling the driver how to do his job, and customers should not shout orders from the back seat. In addition to being extremely offensive, if you do not trust the driver's skills there is no point in making the reservation. There are traffic rules and speeds already stipulated, in addition to there being services that assign specific routes.

As a customer, do not try to control everything that happens during the reservation, there is a difference between being communicative and being authoritarian. In addition, it might be surprising how many times there have been traffic accidents because a taxi passenger was a distraction. Don’t put your life or the driver's life at risk, much less if there are children on the trip.

Negotiations and barter

When a reservation is made in a taxi app, the fare is usually shown in advance so that the customer can decide to accept it or not. Once the reservation is approved, it is the client's duty to comply with what was agreed. So haggling will not help lower the price of the trip, it will only create an uncomfortable situation. Since if they pay less, the drivers will charge less and will be discounted for accepting the negotiation.

You should also not allow your clients to offer barter, there is a reason apps stipulate payment methods. It may be a different situation if it is a friend or an independent driver who decides to accept. Even if he gave you very good service and helped you with everything you needed, it doesn't hurt to tip if it's within our reach. Let's be honest people, who show respect for a profession that deserves its compensation.

Eating food and drinks

Many taxi passengers who only break the time they spend in the vehicle and think about eating in the car. It is best to avoid eating and drinking, but this will depend on the company's rules. However, you must be aware that you will not have a single passenger of the day and that the odors could persist. Encourage your clients to take precautions to avoid leaving leftovers or odors that may bother whoever is coming up next.

Keep the vehicle clean

With the pandemic prevention measures, more emphasis has been placed on vehicle cleaning. Drivers must keep their car sanitized and ventilated constantly. Therefore, it would be inconsiderate for a passenger to arrive at the reservation with dirty shoes or hands. Likewise, leaving waste or garbage on the seat, establish a rule that your passengers keep all types of garbage until they reach their destination and can throw it in a basket.

The punctuality

It is necessary to be on time at the meeting point, because lateness will cause delays in the driver's other reservations. As a company, you can decide to charge customers for this waiting time, since your workers are also required to be punctual and money is deducted when they do not arrive on time. Some companies even penalize their apps, so you can be marked in your review as a customer.

A great tip is to always place a meeting point accessible to both parties. Make it visible and comfortable so that the vehicle can wait parked without taking risks. And always communicate, if you cannot find the car or if the reservation cannot be made. Apps usually have chats or calls to contact each other directly so that everything is recorded.

Always remember to rate

Rating not only helps customers know what each driver is like, it also helps them get bonuses, which is why you should encourage your passengers to leave reviews. Maybe that couple of minutes it takes to give a good comment could earn someone a better pay. Likewise, if you think that something can be improved, it is important that you communicate it to the company, be it the trip, the car or the app.

Make sure you have five-star customers

Remind your passengers that it is against company policy to be rude or inconsiderate. A taxi passenger must be friendly and cordial, as it costs nothing but can make a difference in your driver's day and in the atmosphere of the trip. Incentivize them to earn five stars as a customer, either with discounts or coupons, since this way you will have a higher percentage of customers who share your company's values.

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