What you should consider to create a safe Taxi app

What you should consider to create a safe Taxi app

One of the things that every taxi company must keep as a priority is the safety of its drivers and passengers. That is why, when creating a Taxi app, you must establish certain security measures or filters that guarantee that each trip occurs without problems. Especially since one of the reasons why users prefer to use apps of this type is because it builds trust.

Keeping this trust intact is essential to maintaining your company's reputation. Also, if your loyal customers promote your services by emphasizing security, potential customers will feel more confident when using your app. For this reason, at ToolRides we have compiled a series of tips and security measures that you should consider to guarantee the success of your business.

The first step towards a secure service starts with the selection process

Before learning about the safety tips associated with your mobile application, it’s necessary to understand that the first thing is to select your drivers. Building a taxi fleet with reliable drivers will make all the difference. Well, these will be the face of your company and, therefore, you must make sure that they reflect the values of the company. Make sure your selection process is rigorous.

You should implement psychological, psychometric tests, check their knowledge of the city and evaluate their driving skills. Also, you should make sure that your potential drivers do not have criminal, police or judicial records. Once you have selected the best drivers, it’s time to carry out training that allows them to perform optimally in front of your clients.

Security measures that you must apply in your taxi app

Once you have selected your fleet of reliable drivers, it’s time to apply certain security options to your taxi app. This will allow you to build a trusting relationship with each of the passengers who use your service. In addition, your drivers will feel that they are in good hands and that your company cares about them. Some of these security options that you can include are:

Add a carpool option

Despite the fact that you advertise your service as a safe experience, there will always be people who prefer to go traditional out of fear. Well, despite the fact that most digital taxi services are quite safe, there are always exceptions. For this reason, we recommend that, when creating a taxi app, you add an option to share trips.

A good taxi application allows you to share all the trip data, as well as your location in real time, with friends or family. Monitoring can be done regardless of whether the people with whom the ride is shared have the app or not. Well, this data should be sent by SMS, WhatsApp or Email. It really is an option that provides more peace of mind to passengers and gives them confidence in your service.

Allows the user to view their driver's data

This may seem basic, but it is necessary for the person requesting the trip to be able to see the data of the driver assigned to them. These data include the driver's name, vehicle model and license plate, as well as telephone number and other data. Make sure that your app shows the rating and comments that other customers have made of your drivers. Well, a positive opinion from other people will generate more confidence in a new user.

Have a customer support center

You should not only worry about creating an intuitive and efficient taxi app, you need to have a whole platform that optimizes your service. Trip monitoring must be constant and in real time. Well, in this way you can know if there is a problem and establish communication with both the passenger and the driver to try to solve it.

For this reason, it is necessary to have a customer service center that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We also recommend that, as a company, you have a physical office in each place where you provide your service. Here, your clients can come to present their cases and obtain personalized attention.

Offers accident insurance

Even if your drivers are experienced and fully trained, accidents often cannot be avoided. For this reason, we recommend that you have accident insurance that covers your passengers and drivers in the event of an unfortunate event.

Create a safe and reliable taxi app

Security can make the difference between a popular taxi app and one with only a few users. Remember that having satisfied passengers who feel confident in your company means that they will recommend you to people in their close circle, increasing your number of users. For this reason, it is important to invest in the optimal functioning of your service, not only in marketing campaigns that promote it.

In addition, it is important that you take into account that it is necessary for your fleet to apply biosecurity measures. Well, not only would you be taking care of the health of all the people involved in the process, but you would also make your users feel more confident. The best you can hope for is for your company to have a reputation for being responsible and professional.

If you apply all these tips when creating a taxi app, we assure you that your service will gain recognition and be successful. Potential customers will notice all these features and feel confident when requesting a ride through your app. Without a doubt, your company will stand out in the market if you manage to combine security, professionalism, efficiency and speed. What are you waiting for to optimize your service?

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