5-ways Guide in which taxi apps collaborate with tourism agents

5-ways Guide in which taxi apps collaborate with tourism agents

Using a taxi app to boost tourism agencies will make the job easier. But beyond that, it manages to increase reserves and takes the business to the next level. We'll show you what direct booking is and how it's different from indirect booking, plus those ways to peak.

Reservation technology drives

The average booking conversion rate for a website is 3 per 100 visitors who enter the page. However, currently that figure rises to 6, 8 or even 10 reservations per 100 visitors, all thanks to taxi software . Improving conversion rates is one of the main ways you can make a difference in numbers.

Although it is also essential to improve conversion rates, it is providing a customer experience without complications or friction. Before, it was influenced by the fact that the reservation process was complicated, since you had the following obstacles.

  • Customers were required to open separate browsers to send an email or make calls, which was laborious.

  • Sometimes emails or calls made just to check availability were not even answered.

  • There were many loopholes within the reservation process, which opened the possibility of customers getting fed up or distracted and no longer contracting the service.

Just as these were many reasons that now make it tortuous for the client to hire. So app software was the right solution at the right time for many companies.

Improve your face to the public with a taxi app

Having direct and organic reservations in quantity is the dream of every transportation business. Large amounts are saved by not having to pay for so much advertising or commissions. One of the best ways to achieve this is through SEO or Search Engine Optimization. This alternative provides tools that will allow you to appear higher in search engine results.

An example is optimization for mobile devices, Google tends to favor these which means that a taxi app with optimized pages or networks will be easier to find. Likewise, it is essential that they are both visually attractive, as well as fast and responsive, helping to boost conversions for your tourism company.

Expand revenue streams with distribution channels

What is better for your business than having numerous people offering your services in their activity plans? The more organizations looking to sell their trips, sightseeing tours and other services, the more reservations the app will have. The key is to create a diverse distribution network, this is where software comes in that opens up those possibilities with its connectivity capabilities.

Booking experience with vouchers and gift cards

When you are a consumer, one of the biggest uncertainties is, "Could it be that somewhere else will have a better price?" or "How do I know this service will be better?" There are many doubts that can be minimized if you offer something attractive such as promotional codes or gift cards.

Gift cards

Although they may be seen as a loss, gift cards manage to increase income and increase the number of trips. Since these allow you to generate income even before providing the service while building relationships with customers. By offering with your taxi app you can:

  • Access a market with which you normally do not have connections.

  • Provide a very specific tool where the recipient will be more motivated to use it.

  • Offer an efficient method to disseminate both services to third parties.

  • Increase the credibility and image of your company, since gift cards are a reflection of satisfied customers.

Promotional codes

Promotional codes and vouchers are discounts you can offer your customers to entice them to make reservations with you. Because of the element of exclusivity and opportunity, your customers will be more willing to book if they have a code. This is because by having the possibility of a discount they are aware that it has an expiration date.

Increase efficiency with operations automation

Imagine having the freedom to focus your time on the areas of the business that really matter. Simple booking software reduces the amount of time you spend at your desk by making administrative tasks easier. Some of the features and functionalities that increase the efficiency of your operations are:

  • Automatic communication through the app, including notifications.

  • Tab for secure payments that allow your company to accept multiple methods, as well as make immediate refunds when necessary.

  • Booking apps for drivers. administrators and partners who simplify procedures.

  • Automatic updates so the entire team is aware of any last minute changes.

Automation and efficiency are extremely important, especially in these times where last minute changes are frequent. Having the necessary tools drives and maintains control over changes that may occur in your business operations.

Tourist agencies and transportation in unity

Bookings will grow if you use our advice, as you will have tools at hand that you would not otherwise have access to. And they will allow you to benefit from the same resources as large companies while still offering your usual personalized service. Invest in a taxi app like the ones we offer at ToolRides, you can generate higher levels of income with much less effort.

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