Adapt your taxi company to a multi-channel strategy

Adapt your taxi company to a multi-channel strategy

When you start a taxi company, you know that like all companies, you will need a series of tools to reach potential customers. Multichannel strategies are part of this, since they work with a methodology that adapts logistics processes. They combine different ways, whether physical or online, to sell, book or simply bring relevant information to your users.

Although these strategies go through various channels, they must result in a homogeneous experience for the customer. It's not about being the same in all the media you choose, it's more about knowing how to adapt to what works in each one. This, without losing the coherence and identity of your brand when sending the message that you are looking to transmit. Let's go a little deeper into these logistics tools so that you can apply them to your business now.

What does a multi-channel strategy encompass?

We are talking, to make it clearer, of a management strategy oriented towards communication with the client. And, being a multi-channel business arose after the definitive arrival of eCommerce. In addition to that need that arose from consumers to be able to obtain what they were looking for from home. Without having to go to a store or office, making better use of your time and creating a much more personalized service.

Multi-channel allows brands to create a specific spot for the audience of each specific medium. Since according to the niche, we study which channel is the most used and which one should be given more emphasis. The main media currently used are apps, social networks, blogs, web pages, emails, telemarketing, print media and billboard advertising.

Challenges of multi-channeling for your taxi company

Tackling from all fronts is not always an easy task, as a lot of internal coordination is needed. Customer consumption habits have changed over the years, now they are more flexible. Therefore, they use several channels in search of the same product and maintaining their loyalty presents a challenge.

You will need capable employees in your taxi company who are willing to update themselves as technologies advance. Because, with so many channel offers, it is increasingly complex to approach them independently. It's important to understand that customers care more about the brand and the message than where they saw it from. They will forget where they heard from you, so you must make them always remember your service.

Difference between multichannel and omnichannel strategy

Omnichannel can be confused with multichannel, because it is also a methodology that offers sales through several channels. However, the omnichannel strategy is rooted in interconnection and the customer experience around that. In other words, this was born as the next step so that the consumer can combine channels during their reservation or purchase, through a unique experience.

Most retail customers or taxi companies that are just starting out will be better off starting with these methodologies. Studies by the Harvard Business Review revealed that only 7% of customers buy through a single channel. So we can see that we are left with the number of 73% of users buying on multi-channels, a considerable majority.

Tips to make your multi-channel strategy a success

It is important that all the actions carried out with these strategies have a goal. This should have as its purpose a contribution of value, gain customer trust and achieve prestige for the company. If you want to delve into this logistical/methodological world, we have some tips for you to do it in the most efficient way possible.

What you sell is important

From what you put in your posts to your photos and videos must be impressive. Since they are a hook, the face you will have to be able to bring your potential customers closer or further away. Make the most of the advantages of what you offer, make them choose you over the competition. For example, showing what characterizes you or the friendly faces of your drivers. That all the ways to reach your product are attractive and coherent.

Less sometimes is more and better

With this title we are not telling you to continue in the same thing, it is time to evolve. But, realistically, not every user will follow you on every channel. You have to study where the highest percentages are to focus more there. The appropriate time to make announcements, but a little before or after the rush hour so as not to be below the other posts.

Avoid saturating your customers

There's nothing worse than spam, it's okay to go through all channels and be persistent, but it's so easy to cross the line. Avoid being one of the silenced ones, if you tire customers no matter how good your product is, they will ignore you. If you are going to pay for advertising, check that it is quality content, that it is a positive experience for all parties.

Complement all your channels

As we already know, the approach in the channels must be personalized, try to complement all of them to enhance each message. This is a matter of organization, of separating the analog, the digital, what goes to networks, images, etc.

Use multi-channel logistics to your advantage

There are many tools and companies that can help you with this while you are building your own team. Increase your income, while meeting the needs of your niche, in addition to being at the forefront. Don't let your taxi company get stuck in the past, get organized and use the strategies to your advantage.

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