Mistakes that lead to a driver's reprimand

Mistakes that lead to a driver's reprimand

Every businessman must be able to maintain a balance in his business, this balance will help his employees to have a good performance when it comes to providing a service. Making it clear which are the limits that it must not cross, will prevent you from having to go to the warning in the short or long term. For the employment relationship to be successful, employees must be clear about their rights and duties. As an employer it is your duty to order different tasks to your employees, always with certain limits.

No business is exempt from implementing rules. In other words, even online taxi services must manage the policy of admonishing their allies in the event that they fail in their duties or take advantage of and abuse their rights. Even the law so indicates, since in most of the workers' statutes it is stated that the worker will be obliged to carry out the agreed work under the direction of the employer or person delegated.

In case of any repeated non-compliance by the workers with any of the rules that the company has. The employer has the disciplinary power to impose sanctions on workers and can even fire them if the action goes outside the disciplinary limits. So that you know some of the limits that a transport company worker should not cross, continue reading what we have for you.

Undisciplined conduct for which you can be reprimanded

Regardless of whether you are an employee or an employer, you should also know what are the limits that should not be crossed in a taxi service business. This series of behaviors are punishable and may even be grounds for dismissal.

● Workers have the right to request time off if they present a problem that is legally justified. However, this must be communicated with the employer or the company's human resources department. If the absence at work is not previously justified or informed, according to the graduation of absences, the employee may receive a warning.

● Disrespectful conduct can and is grounds for reprimands. Employees must maintain appropriate and respectful behavior towards their employers, co-workers and customers.

● The continuous and voluntary decrease in the work performance.

● Habitual drunkenness or drug addiction.

● Harassment based on racial or ethnic origin, religion or beliefs, disability, age or sexual orientation. Sexual harassment towards clients and between co-workers.

● Depending on the policies you have in your company and the agreements you reach with the drivers of your business, the state in which they have the vehicle at the time of offering a service, may be a reason for a sanction. This particular point is important, therefore we will talk in more detail about this type of cause for reprimands later on.

● Violation of contractual good faith, as well as breach of trust in the performance of work.

● The repetitive delay at the time a customer requests the service is also cause for the driver to be reprimanded.

In addition to these that we have mentioned, there are many other causes of sanctions. However, these that have been exposed are the most relevant and considered in companies of any kind of service.

The warnings will be adapted to the agreements you have with your employees

A company's policies are often different. Many businesses adapt policies and limits to the type of service they offer. In the case of taxi service businesses, the limits and rules that are implemented will depend on many factors, some of which are the following:

If the transportation company is the one that provides the vehicles to carry out the taxi service, it is recommended that it implement policies and limits so that the driver can keep it in good condition. Emphasizing the cause mentioned above, if the hygiene of the vehicle endangers its condition, the employer may admonish the driver.

On the other hand, if the business only tries to partner with drivers with their own vehicles, one of the company's policies may consist of keeping the partner's vehicle in a good state of hygiene at the time of service. If a customer makes a complaint about the hygiene status of the vehicle, the driver will receive a warning.

Can you be fired after getting a warning?

It is possible that an employee faces the suspension of his employment contract if he repeatedly receives a series of warnings. Warnings are intended to draw the attention of employees/allies. By the time an employee faces suspension of employment and salary, it is for disciplinary reasons.

Warnings can be verbal or in writing, that is, there is no need for them to be coupled with a job and salary sanction. When the failure becomes unjustified and problematic for the company, it is advisable to resort to dismissal. Otherwise, indiscipline and disobedience at work will become a normal situation.

By implementing sanctions for particularly annoying behaviors, you will prevent offenses from occurring among workers. In the same way, you also make sure that the employees maintain good behavior during the service. Turning to legal professionals is the most recommended, as they will know how to advise you on the rules that you can implement in your business. Remember that these limits are intended to maintain and create a quality work environment. The warning was created as a notice to maintain the well-being of the business, do not hesitate to implement it in your business.

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