Apply the destiny mode and improve your earnings

Apply the destiny mode and improve your earnings

You may wonder, what do they mean by destination mode? Well, it's simple, it's the way for your drivers to make extra trips when heading home at the end of the day. Many large companies that are engaged in taxi services have already started to apply this function successfully.

It is not necessary to leave your work system, since the reservations would still be made through the app. It is rather oriented to assign to the driver, if he wishes, the trips that are requested right on the way to his destination. You'll get home without much of a detour, but with a little more income.

How does this tool work?

Basically, it would be enough to just activate this mode from the app. This would only apply at the end of the workday when the driver is ready to retire. A destination must be selected within the app so that it proceeds to assign potential customers. Reservations would always be towards that area, this can last for as long as you prefer. Or, they may have stops before that point, ensuring that you won't have to take another route.

It is a feasible option within the digitization novelties that have been implemented in taxi control. Some companies even allow it up to twice a day, at lunchtime and at closing time, so that the driver has the power to decide how to use that free time. However, you can mold this to the work schedules or shifts that exist in your system.

Destiny Mode Bonuses

We recommend that this tool be used to motivate your drivers. Depending on the way in which it is decided to approach this format of trips to the destination. You can reward those who get to have a better performance per fortnight or per month. Or who had the best reviews and scores once the mode was activated.

It all depends on creativity, but also on how many benefits you want to give your workers with this new option. You can implement days off, bonuses, a surprise like a dinner or a day at the spa to relax their muscles. Playing with the alternatives is what can make them see that working for your company is a pleasant experience.

Deliveries in Destiny Mode

This option is useful in case your company is an ally of supermarket chains, restaurant chains or any type of sale that requires delivery. The destination mode is also usable, since it will be possible to collect all shipments to the area pre-established by the driver. The only difference would be that instead of picking up people, packages or parcels would be picked up, but it is just as effective. In addition, it also accommodates bonuses but for a specific number of deliveries.

Prepare your workers for each update

It is worth remembering that new updates to the app or your way of working are always being implemented, and you must train workers accordingly. Thinking of those who are not so proficient with technology but who are willing to learn to improve their service. You can take advantage of the entry of new drivers to do group training. This will be much more comfortable both for those who already have experience and for new ones.

Hold meetings in a pleasant environment, where they can fully understand all the new functions. Audiovisual resources are the best option, since there are people who need that stimulus to understand better. We recommend playing with learning and making them feel in a safe space, so they don't feel pressure. Nor will anyone worry about "what will happen if I can't learn this?"

Long-term benefits

These new updates that have been created for the world of taxis are beneficial. Since they allow everyone to benefit monetaryally, but also increases productivity. And, in this case, it will increase without any kind of pressure on your workers because, as we already mentioned, they choose whether to activate the mode or not, cover more reservations, or go straight home.

In the long run this will boost all of your numbers in a positive way, while keeping drivers happy because you allow them to have the say. This always makes them feel more comfortable and is recommended by the greats of business management.

Improve your business with the minimum

As we have already seen, there are many benefits that can be obtained by adding a simple tool. You just need to activate the destination mode, set the time and that's it. There are more and more updates that allow us to receive better income, as well as increase the level of productivity. Move to the systematization of processes through apps and take advantage of each section of the ladder to success.

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