Do your drivers know how bookings in the app work?

Do your drivers know how bookings in the app work?

If you have previously read our blog, you will surely have found “reservations in the app” in several of the articles. We can explain it in a simple way, these reservations are the request for a trip through a taxi software. This form fills in data such as the customer's address, where it's going and, in some cases, if there is an intermediate stop.

You're probably thinking, why wouldn't someone understand something as simple as a reservation? In reality, it's very common that with this type of update there are doubts about its operation. This is especially the case with drivers who were used to working the classic way or those who aren't tech-savvy. This article is to solve those unknowns, so you could recommend it to them directly.

Behind the scenes of the reservations

Thanks to apps like the ones programmed at ToolRides, booking has become a simple process for drivers and customers alike. Everything now works automatically, so you start by assigning a request range for assignments. This can be fixed or custom. Depending on the shifts and areas to be traveled, data is requested from the driver so that the customer can see them, so they will feel more comfortable.

When various customer data are required, they will be used so that the driver can know the route to be taken. And, if there is any relevant specification, such as the number of people who will be traveling, if they are carrying any pets or luggage, if they use any discount code, among others. Similarly, you have the peace of mind that the proof of payment arrives at the taxi control. Therefore, the entire process is safe, with no risk to anyone involved.

How is the reservation allocation in the app?

Once all the steps mentioned above are completed, reservations are automatically assigned. This happens in real time so that there are no delays and the customer observes the immediate effectiveness. Both when reservations are made in advance or without it, the system will assign the closest available vehicle to the customer.

In cases where the fleet is rather small, it's not always possible to assign customers to someone who is immediately available. So the approximate waiting time should be notified so that the relevant forecasts can be made. This should be done by directly contacting the person waiting to assure them whether or not the requested service will be fulfilled.

What to do if you arrive at the reservation site earlier?

It's very common for drivers to arrive a few minutes in advance at the place where the reservations were made in the app. But, in case you're missing a significant amount of time, we have some tips for your drivers.

● When you arrive, you should find a comfortable place to park your car so that you can wait for the rest of the time.

● Check that it's the correct place, as well as the time and preferences provided by the passenger. To have everything ready when he gets in the car.

● You will always have to notify the passenger if you arrive a little early. We recommend that the app be notified 10 minutes before the reservation time. Thus, if the passenger is ready earlier, they can choose whether to leave at that moment or not, even if it's not the previously scheduled time.

● It's important that if for any reason you have to park a little further from the meeting point, the passenger is notified. This way you will know where the driver will be and if you prefer to come closer or to be picked up at the selected site.

● It will be necessary to make it clear to the passenger that he will not be charged from the moment he arrives at the site. So only the route already agreed will be charged. Managing to reduce passenger concern, because not everyone has extra money.

What to do if the driver is late for the reservation?

In the same way that a driver can arrive with plenty of time, it happens, less frequently, that he is delayed. In the event that this happens, the driver must notify his superiors directly. Or, if you have that option within the app, make a report or request help. These types of eventualities must be attended to immediately so that there are no consequences that affect customers.

Bookings in the app are the fashion

Now that you have all the relevant information, you can inform your new and old drivers. Reservations in the app aren't complicated, with some practice your drivers will not remember what work was like before them. Create your own custom app and get the latest technology in automating processes for taxis.

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