Autonomous vehicles: the future or the end of the taxi business?

Autonomous vehicles: the future or the end of the taxi business?

Technological improvements in our modern world increase day by day. Large companies are constantly developing new ways to reach their customers, offering new services, with better features, specialized in the area of customer service. For this reason, the greatest exponents in the taxi business are implementing state-of-the-art technology among their ranks, such as the use of autonomous vehicles for their trips.

If you are looking to learn or get more information about these new vehicles and whether or not they can improve the workflow in your transport company, follow these facts that may interest you. They will help you make accurate decisions and improve your judgment and vision regarding the future of your business.

What are autonomous vehicles?

Autonomous vehicles are cars that have the ability to imitate handling and control, without the need for a driver inside it. They are also known by the name of "robotic vehicle" or "self-driving vehicle". In addition, they are also capable of recognizing the environment through lasers and sensors with computer vision to avoid incidents on the streets of the city.

Some of the most advanced integrated systems in autonomous vehicles, beyond identifying the most appropriate route to reach your destination, also recognize obstacles on the ground and traffic signs. The vast majority of these cars only work with previously programmed routes with a cartographic reproduction of the roads in question, so they can work perfectly if you implement them in your taxi business.

How can autonomous vehicles improve your service?

The sea of possibilities when having a row of autonomous vehicles in your transport company is enormous. These can open new paths in the development of your services, such as enabling the “24/7 trips” option, opening long-distance trips, or improving the performance of traditional trips, making them faster and more accurate.

On the other hand, financially, they can represent a great investment of money. But this investment can be recovered by reducing costs in driver salaries, fuel costs (because a large part of these vehicles are electric or hybrid) and generating a good impression on society due to its great environmental benefits.

Disadvantages of using autonomous vehicles nowadays

Autonomous vehicles, being a very new method of transportation, come with many questions and regulations. Although in some parts of the world it's already a recognized and approved system, in many countries some legal adjustments are required in terms of road safety and insurance for its final implementation. This represents a great disadvantage if in your country they still don't have the necessary permits for the free use of these cars.

On the other hand, there are indications of some road accidents in charge of autonomous vehicles, therefore, according to some surveys carried out in Europe, 73% of drivers don't fully trust this new technology. Which may leave you a little out of place if you are looking to implement the use of these vehicles in your taxi business.

Benefits of using autonomous vehicles in the future

Although we previously presented some disadvantages of using these vehicles today, it does not mean that they are a bad investment in the future. The automation of these vehicles and their services will represent less traffic on the streets, fewer parking lots or valets, and of course, fewer accidents thanks to the anticipated advances in AI. This will probably be the safest and most widely used method of transportation in the taxi business.

it's estimated that by the year 2030, the number of vehicles on the roads of the United States will decrease from 250 million to 45 million, in addition, there are plans on the part of large industries to convert the old parking lots into commercial areas and usable for the benefit of the urban areas. This will undoubtedly be a significant improvement at the level of road safety, at the environmental level and of course to improve the quality of life for all.

How to get autonomous vehicles for your taxi business?

Currently, there are some manufacturers that already distribute their first models of autonomous vehicles, including BMW, Ford, Renault, Volvo, and even Google, which has its own robotaxis models in its taxi business. To reach them, you won't need more than an internet search to contact them directly and ask about their available models and wholesale distribution agreements for a transportation company.

However, you must take into account that the free use of this type of vehicle is currently very limited. According to our collected data, it has only been enabled in a regulated manner in the United Kingdom, China, South Korea, Australia, and the United States. Therefore, if you are not sure about these regulations in your country, you should do a deep research on this topic to avoid restrictions and legal problems later.

Are you ready for the future?

Although this method of autonomous transportation is quite limited today, one should not discount the fact that they are a revolutionary invention that will change the world as we know it. Technology will take care of many things, so we must be at the forefront and prepare to make big changes over the years to sustain our taxi business and our environment.

Undoubtedly, you should consider making this investment if your budget and the regulations of your country allow it, since, moving towards the future, your company will become the most up-to-date and modern transport company in your city. Did you know about the existence of autonomous vehicles? What do you think about them?

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