Benefits of natural gas to improve your taxi service

Benefits of natural gas to improve your taxi service

The taxi service is also added to greener alternatives, but above all more profitable. Natural gas came to set a precedent, which has already been successfully approved in different countries around the world. It can also be recognized by its initials CNG for Compressed Natural Gas. It's compatible with any type of vehicle that has an internal combustion engine, so it's very versatile.

We'll give you some numbers so you can see how true what we tell you is. Gasoline costs 50% more than CNG and emits 25% more CO². This gas is the same that you will see in kitchens or heating inside a house, methane gas. In addition to that it will help parts of your vehicle such as spark plugs, the engine and the filter to extend their useful life.

Vehicles and natural gas

The main concern is usually whether other cars will have to be obtained to make this change or if the cost will be too great. However, if you have your fleet of cars and none of them work with CNG, a conversion can be done. At present it might seem like a significant expense, but it has been shown that in a couple of years it will already have been paid for in spades. Because it's the same amount of fuel for a lower price, with the same performance.

When you do the conversion there is, incredibly, another advantage, you can use both fuels. So if one of them runs out, it can be recharged with the other without any problem. Only CNG is mentioned as a new favorite due to its difference in prices and benefits. An important cost fact is that in some countries the price difference is enormous. Because natural gas can cost up to a quarter of the price of gasoline.

How long should I wait for the change?

One of the common concerns when talking about this type of procedure is how long it would take to change the tank. And, we can tell you that you will be surprised to know that only a couple of hours. Despite the fact that specialists usually take about 5 hours to do the entire process, it's recommended to leave the car for the whole day. This way you can review every detail and test it to deliver it in perfect condition.

Ecology hand in hand with technology

One of the ecological advantages is the fact that carbon dioxide emissions are reduced by using methane gas in vehicles. We already know that CO² is one of the main causes for global warming. Positioning CNG as one of the cleanest sustainable fuels today.

Part of the problem with current transportation methods is the gasses they produce. But the use of methane as fuel reduces the particulate matter that affects the respiratory tract and the atmosphere by 66%. We can also mention the low numbers regarding noise pollution, because it reduces noise by 90%. And, the odors that remain when using CNG are minimal, just as the stains left by gasoline are avoided.

Safety first!

it's well known that fuels have certain parameters to comply with because they are risky. The processes that methane goes through to become a usable gas make it very light. Which leaves the chances of it exploding to a minimum, unlike gasoline, which is highly inflammable. For this reason, it's best for cars that usually travel long routes or that must constantly refuel.

For this reason, when building cars that are ready to be used with CNG, they are manufactured in anticorrosive steel that supports high temperatures. So that their hermetic closure gives security when using, since they resist blows, sudden temperature changes, accidents and fires. In addition, being technology, it usually has periodic reviews that certify that the state of the tank is perfect.

The road to transition

Beyond being a great alternative for transportation and taxi services, CNG is a step towards change. To leave behind less ecological fuels, which can actually be supplanted thanks to nature itself. In countries like the United States, hydrogen is being tested, contemplated thanks to this bridge that is providing natural gas.

Speaking of which, we have great omens from the US Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory. They talk about the great advances in gas-based fuels that have been made thanks to CNG. And how these will make hydrogen fuel cells a reality for our future.

Programs to support the change

In recent years it has been common to see that technology is geared towards improving but in favor of ecology. So, many transport companies have implemented CNG conversion programs. This to facilitate the transition and that their work affects the environment in the least way, but at the same time saving considerable amounts that used to be spent on gasoline.

One of these companies is Converfin, which completely pays for the change of the vehicle to a CNG tank. Other companies keep track of the benefits that can be obtained, promoting and monitoring them. Even Uber is supporting its employees through this transition, because as a global company they know it's a big investment.

Say yes to tank change

As you may have already observed, making this transition with the vehicles of your taxi service is simply a success. Your company will be friendlier with the environment, which shows interest in the future of the planet. But also, you will have the bonus of reducing fuel costs and the versatility of a tank that can use gasoline or gas. Don't wait any longer to have a company at the forefront, switch to Compressed Natural Gas.

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