Features that a good taxi insurance should have

Features that a good taxi insurance should have

You're probably unaware that about 64,707 traffic accidents occur each year, not to mention the thousands of vehicles that have been stolen. With this we want to make it clear that it is of the utmost importance that your business, when offering transport services, has taxi insurance.

Once this point has been clarified, you may wonder which is the most suitable for my company? What is the most trustworthy car insurance? With the information that we will share with you in this article, you will have the answer to each of your unknowns.

How to identify the best taxi insurance?

Just purchasing insurance is not enough, you must hire the right one, because your peace of mind and that of your business will depend on it. The best auto insurance will be those that offer the greatest and most varied coverage. If the assistance has a lower cost but is not of quality, clearly this is not an insurance that suits you. Aspects such as the quality of service, response time and solvency of the insurance company are details that you must take care of when hiring taxi insurance.

Compare the different coverages

It is a very arduous but necessary task to have to investigate the different quotes offered by insurance. In fact, it is advisable to analyze all of them before deciding and staying with one of them. The smartest thing to do is to evaluate each of the active coverages, be it for theft, vehicle damage, consequential damages, moral damages, severance pay, accessories, damages due to eventualities and malicious acts.

Even once you know each of the coverages available in an insurance company, it is necessary that you consult the coverages of some other companies. This will be the only way for you to confirm that you will purchase the most appropriate coverage from the correct company. Consider that the insurances are customizable, that is, they can be adjusted to the needs of your taxi service business.

Be aware of exclusions, deductibles and sums insured

When talking about exclusions, emphasis is placed on the concepts or risks not covered in an insurance contract. In a transport business that especially offers taxi services, all kinds of situations must be covered. It is common to find exclusions for driving under the influence of alcohol. However, this can lead to all sorts of accidents and should therefore be covered by an insurance plan.

Avoid acquiring an insurance package where the vast majority of accidents are excluded, because it will be of no use to you to acquire a contract that at the end of the day will not work for you at all. Be careful when reading the contract. If you're not sure what the deductibles are about, these are the sum of money that the insurer does not cover, but rather the one that will come out of your pocket. The lower the amount, the higher the premium payable. It is recommended that you take very good care of your taxi business, therefore, look at the deductibles as the sum insured for each coverage.

Must offer third party liability

One aspect that you cannot ignore when purchasing taxi insurance is that it cannot and should not ignore civil liability. If your company taxi driver is involved in an accident, you don't want to go into debt or face third-party damages charges. Third party liability for consequential damages is basic and very necessary.

Premiums usually don't include these types of services. However, it is possible to customize the coverage and the cost of this is not that high. In the long run, holding yourself responsible in the case of possible accidents with third parties will also help you with the popularity of your business. Once clients know you're capable of responding to emergency situations, they'll feel more confident requesting your services.

Good insurance is affordable and conveys convenience

Currently with new technologies many services are just a click away from availability. Therefore, it is highly convenient that you purchase taxi insurance with which you can maintain communication immediately. Today, the best car insurance on the market is quoted and contracted via the Internet, with instant activation and without having to worry about the inspection. These will always be available and care is usually done at home.

Other insurances tend to do many procedures personally. However, they offer communication channels with which the insurance company is available 24/7 (web, phone line, WhatsApp) every day of the year. In other words, it is very unlikely that you will have to wait days to receive care from the company you hire.

Assistance, support and solvency

Even technical problems deserve good assistance. When looking for the best insurance for your company, you only want that when you take your phone, help arrives in moments. Always look at acquiring a contract that includes assistance and additional benefits. Benefits such as a tow truck, car, replacement driver, stay or transfer of the driver and companions, tire change, battery/fuel charge, among many others.

Clearly, for the task of acquiring the best insurance to work, you should only compare recognized companies that are registered and solvent with the Superintendency of Securities and Insurance. Even if many have high and extensive coverage, low deductibles, fewer exclusions, a variety of assistance, convenience and quality of service. It is a requirement that they have all the legal permits with the state.

Defining which is the most reliable taxi insurance is complicated

Even when the best options on the market are insurance with customizable contracts. You must be clear about many points and for this you must ask yourself questions such as: Does my business have to have all the coverages? Which is more important? By having clear answers to this, you will know what coverage you need the most.

Don't doubt that all vehicles require insurance coverage. Even if it's a minimum to be able to circulate on federal roads, bridges and highways. Take care of your business, your customers, company vehicles, allied drivers and more, it's time to purchase taxi insurance.

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