Google Maps API prices and plans for your taxi business

Google Maps API prices and plans for your taxi business

Among the tools most used today by common drivers and also by taxi, logistics and many other businesses, is Google Maps. However, it does not have that much time to be launched on the market. It wasn't until 2005 that Google Maps started to be used. It has stood as a reliable tool for a solid 15 years and has revolutionized the way we travel across borders.

Let's remember that another function that Google Maps includes is route planning. Thanks to real-time traffic updates, building routes is much easier, in addition to this, you have the option of instructions through audio. Google has also developed an API to make it easier for developers to include Google Maps on their websites.

In case you don't know, the Google Maps API being developed for next generations offers more sophisticated specific solutions to stimulate innovation in the industry. In other words, your taxi service will soon be able to count on a totally efficient and effective ally.

Some benefits you will get with the new development of the Google Maps API are real-time asset monitoring and ride sharing. With the new Google Maps navigation experience you can integrate directly into modern applications and web applications to maximize the user experience.

What are the Google Maps API pricing and plans?

Due to the great acceptance that the Google Maps APIs have had, they will begin to provide a pricing mechanism that consists of pay per use. Since June 11, 2018, it has operated with its new pricing plan. Google Maps APIs are being used with more freedom and control. That is, you can use them as much or as little as you want.

There are currently three main products in the Google cloud and these include the original Google Maps Platform APIs that have a value of $1. It is important to note that each of the main products has a different pricing structure. The reason for this is that the Google Maps API is already used to provide custom maps to websites and applications. Some of its plans are:

  • Google Maps: This is a plan that provides dynamic maps that can be customized, offer Street Views, and features 360-degree views.

  • Routes: A plan designed to provide and record travel instructions and traffic updates.

  • Places: plan designed to provide information such as place names, addresses, reviews, among others. 

How much do the maps cost and what are the plans?

Among the different options offered for maps, we find some such as: 

  • Stretch Map – This displays maps as images, is completely free for mobile, and can be priced at $2 per 1000 requests.

  • Dynamic Map – This shows interactive and customizable maps. Like the previous one, it is completely free for mobile and can have a value of $7 per 1000 requests.

  • Local Context Map – Designed to provide detailed information about nearby places. It's also free during beta. However, it requires enabling dynamic maps and is valued at $7 CPM.

  • Static Street View Map – As the name implies, it is a map that shows a panoramic or miniature image and is not interactive from Google Street View 360, it has a value of $7 per 1000 requests.

  • Dynamic Street View Map – unlike the previous one, this map shows an interactive panoramic or miniature image of Google Street View 360, it has a value of $14 per 1000 requests.

If you own a taxi business or offer another transportation service, you should be aware of the new Geolocation API. It has been talked about so much because it allows websites and applications to expand rapidly as they increase in popularity. In the transport market it is said that this new model will have pay per use but it combines the best features of the basic and premium subscriptions while providing free customer support.

How much do the routes cost and what are the plans?

Just like maps, routes have different plans and have different prices. Some of these are:

  • Routes to get directions for transportation, biking, driving or walking. They have a cost of $5 per 1000 requests

  • Routes with advanced instructions, with it you will get directions for transportation, biking, driving or walking. Additionally, it calculates current or future travel times based on real time. They have a value of $10 per 1000 requests.

  • Route Distance Matrix, provides delivery of travel times and distances for one or more locations. Its value is $5 per 1000 requests.

  • Advanced Distance Matrix Route, provides travel times and distances for one or more locations and real-time traffic. Its value is $10 per 1000 requests.

You will be able to use Google Maps Platform without a valid API key, as the new model requires map calls and other geolocation services. Taxi service companies or other transport companies will have a Google cloud platform billing account and the correct API key can use this updated version.

The Google Maps API benefits your taxi business

It is important that you know that the increase in the price of the Google Maps API may harm small businesses and some developers who think they can take advantage of Google without prior investment. This tool is constantly updated because it uses real-time data provided by its extensive user base.

However, this tool was created with machine learning capabilities that benefit transportation services businesses. It offers an improved experience across devices and organizations, encouraging teams to continue using it despite increasing costs and other open source solutions to replace it. Now that you know a little about the Google Maps APIs, are you interested in integrating this tool into your taxi business?

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