How to deal with driver burnout in a taxi system

How to deal with driver burnout in a taxi system

Although you may think that working for a company that uses a taxi system will not be exhausting, it is not. Driving is certainly an activity that you do sitting down, but it continues to cause both physical and mental fatigue. Especially if you were leading a sedentary or not very active lifestyle during the height of the pandemic.

Burnout affects performance and the ability to process our thoughts or actions well. So, it’s vital that as the owner of a transport company there is concern on the subject. We'll explain a few things about burnout that could help you maintain high performance at all levels of your company.

How does job burnout work?

The work exhaustion or burnout, is a state in which the mind and body enter. This happens when you are chronically stressed at the workplace. It has three main symptoms with which it can be identified: tiredness, cynicism and inefficiency.

It has increased at alarming levels since the Covid-19 began to wreak havoc. Although in reality, it is a term that has been used since the 70's. External agents such as depression, home situations and personality traits can also influence work burnout.

Possible causes of job burnout

In order to detect what may be causing exhaustion, you have to be attentive to changes in attitude that drivers show. However, these are some of the most common causes that can influence someone to suffer from burnout:

  Imbalance between external life and work, if you spend an excessive amount of time at work but less at home. Or, it’s possible that one of the two fails due to lack of energy.

  Driving requires focus and the ability to socialize if necessary, even if you have Uber-like software. This can become chaotic for some if it’s done for a long time, tending to fatigue.

  Bad work dynamics, when there is dysfunction between workers and boss, can open a gap. As well as workplace harassment, disavowal among officials or abuse of power.

  Unclear working hours, poor organization or lack of staff sometimes lead to unstable schedules. This overwork certain drivers, so they tend to be more irritable and exhausted.

What is currently happening among workers?

With the changes that are taking place to move towards a life between what it used to be and what the pandemic left us, there have been improvements in the quality of work. Since after the first 6 months of last year, surveys were carried out that showed that there was 85% well-being. Besides that 62% used to have problems to manage. Both groups have experienced job burnout, as the workday increased again sharply.

Now with the nightlife back and various full-time jobs, the taxi companies have made a comeback. It's great for the economy of transportation, but you can't abuse it. It is better to hire more drivers and expand your fleet than to pay a few who feel exhausted.

Why is this problem urgent in a company?

People tend to underestimate how stress or emotional state can affect them. But, according to records, the stress caused by work affects so many people that 120,000 people die in the United States every year. It sounds like a stretch, but in 2019 the World Health Organization named job burnout an "occupational phenomenon."

If as a company you want to get a taxi system to simplify processes, why not help your workers reduce their stress? It's important to get involved in this and build resilience among everyone. Remember that the success of your business is at stake.

How to reduce job burnout?

Attacking on a case-by-case basis among your employees can work, but it's better to address it as an organization. Encourage and provide benefits as a company, show a friendly face to problems, you will see how there is a change. Establishing ties so that drivers feel comfortable and safe is important.

Make spaces where they can live together between trips, and relax a bit. Or, include support groups or psychological attention for when necessary. Providing the conditions where they have trust and respect is vital, as well as setting goals that everyone can meet without feeling frustrated. Communication is another point that should not be missed, since it is the basis for everyone to understand each other, there are no misunderstandings and work is fluid.

Think about your company taking care of your drivers

Support your workers in flexible shifts so they don't consume all their energy. Your company and your taxi system would not be successful if they were not driving all over the city. Another idea that you can apply may be to give coupons for massages or get together from time to time. This way you can relax and alleviate all those tensions a bit, so that your drivers continue to give one hundred percent.

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