Implement scheduled stops and improve your taxi service

Implement scheduled stops and improve your taxi service

When owning a taxi service you should always innovate thus keeping your old trusted customers happy. But, calling new ones for your ability to change, and even more so if apps are used in this highly tech age. One of the main reasons why technology exists is to simplify processes, saving us time. Therefore, adding a tab or section of personalized stops to your app is something that your passengers will appreciate.

Many times, as passengers, we have had to request multi-stop trips. It even happens that you have to ask the driver to stop because you remembered at the last minute that you had to find or solve something. This new stopping tool allows more flexibility with this issue. Since instead of talking to the driver in an embarrassed way, you can request it directly through the application and have him receive it.

What can the customer get with this tool?

You can not only add stops when you forget something, on the contrary, the benefits of this tab are various. The option to add when booking, with the number of stops you want, could also be implemented. So you can make the trip with your friends and have the fare they must pay from the start. Or, they will be able to pick them up at different points without any hassle.

Thanks to what we will call "planned stops tab" there will be no problem in marking a point where you want to stop once the trip has started. Now, it would be a great idea to add an option to change the destination address(es). In case the passengers need to stay before or after the place previously scheduled. And finally, the option of deleting intermediate stops, in case you only want one destination.

Call the tourists with the novelty

When it's tourist season, they usually plan to go to several places in the same day. That is the moment when your company and this new tool should enter. With good marketing and the appropriate adaptation to the app, you can position yourself as the favorite of tourists for the simple fact of providing a multiple-stop service, especially during vacation dates.

If tourists can go where they want, stopping to shop and pick up some food, all in the same car will build confidence. You may wonder, do I not lose trips if I offer this tool in which customers have their breaks? Well no, since it would not be the same price as a direct reservation. For this it is necessary to have a calculator in the app. They will be able to see the extra price per stop and decide whether to plan them or not.

Bookings with waiting

A question that has surely remained in the air is how to know how long the driver will spend waiting if a stop is made? An accountant is the solution to that, the client places the estimated time to take and the driver can be aware. This way you can park in the appropriate place depending on the wait.

There is no need for it to be an extremely complex watch or stopwatch, because in reality its function will be quite simple. With a gadget that counts down the time that the client places, it will be enough. Therefore, you will not have to make a significantly high investment so that your taxi service can make use of this alternative.

Take examples from more experienced competition

Taxi companies such as Cabify have already begun to implement this type of stops. One advantage of being a new company is that you can take what others have already tried and that has worked. It is only a matter of giving it your own touch, according to the parameters that you already followed.

In this case, Cabify serves as an example for you to add that tab, which, although it will be quite simple, will also be useful. It is important to be open to these new alternatives that systematization offers us, and always think about the needs of customers, however simple they may be.

Your taxi service always at the forefront

We hope this new idea for your app will be useful in your taxi service. Just as it was a great step to realize that bookings by calls or messages were a thing of the past, it is necessary to continue innovating. You will be able to adapt all these new options to provide better service to your customers each time. Never close yourself to the new, perhaps that depends on whether you position yourself among the best.

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