Incorporate motorcycles into your taxi business

Incorporate motorcycles into your taxi business

People have returned to their hectic pace of life again, so your taxi business must keep up. This is where motorcycles come in, a fast and efficient means of transport. It is important to show your customers this new alternative with its benefits, because not all of them will accept it at first. Especially those more conservative people, since motorcycles are often seen as vehicles for risky people.

This has emerged as an alternative with more affordable prices, which is already applied in many countries. And, if we stop to think, if we already have limousines and taxis, why not use motorcycle taxis? There are many people who think that it is a transport method used only by low strata, but it is not. In Europe there are many companies that provide their services so that you can travel around the cities from the practicality of a motorcycle.

Is it safe to take a motorcycle?

One of the main prejudices that people have about this means of transport is safety. Yes, a car is more reliable in case of accidents, however this is not a rule. As long as the rules of the speed established according to the area are complied with. And, both the driver and the customer wear a helmet, it is quite safe to ride a motorcycle.

So, when you have motorcycle taxis in your fleet, you must be very rigorous in terms of security measures, as there are many consequences that carelessness can have for the driver, the client and the company. It's also important that your customers know that they can communicate if they don't feel comfortable. So that the person carrying them slows down or goes in a quieter lane.

How to integrate this into your taxi business?

Actually it is only a matter of adaptation and learning about the regulations of being a motorcycle driver. Since they can still work with the taxi app that you will use for others. The only thing that would change would be the fares and the time the trips take. Because it's much easier to navigate traffic jams this way, you get there faster. So you will have to adapt the prices that you had by distance to lower rates.

Cost reduction

One of the advantages that motorcycles have is that they consume less fuel than a regular car. The motorcycles use between 2.8 and 5.7 liters per 100 km, with an average of 4.4 l/100 km. On the other hand, gasoline cars consume between 6.5 and 9.1 l/100 km, with an average of 7.6 l/100 km. We can see that according to these calculations they use half, or less, to cover the same distance.

Even in cities where fuel is not so accessible, it is preferred to use a motorcycle. Since it is easier to get small amounts than to completely fill the tank of a car. It does not mean that all your vehicles should be replaced in order to save. Only that the incorporation of taxi businesses into fleets is highly profitable.

Better incorporation to delivery services

It is well known that everything related to delivery services has grown incredibly today. So if you already work with a restaurant, supermarket or store you will have an improvement. Or, if you didn't have any business partners, now you'll make yourself so attractive with this service that you will have them.

This is because when a person orders food at home, he usually wants it to arrive as soon as possible. Especially if it is food that can get cold, spoil or melt. And motorcycles, as we've already mentioned, are fast, so they're the perfect means of carrying these packages. So you can assign this new fleet to your partners, so interest is shown in being efficient with them.

More bookings in less time

Another advantage of motorcycle taxis and their speed is that you can cover a greater number of reservations. Both from customers and from your partners who request deliveries, which we mentioned above. So we assure you that you will be able to see an exponential improvement in the first months that you incorporate them.

Benefits and more benefits

In case we had not already mentioned enough reasons to incorporate motorcycle taxis into your fleet, we have some more for you. When using the stop-over reservation service, a motorcycle is much easier to park. Not only because it can be left in different places, but because they usually take up less space. So you can easily make different stops on the same trip.

Another advantage is that it can help you in high seasons and with an influx of tourists. Since they will be able to directly see all the areas because motorcycles provide freedom. In addition, it will seem like a different experience, while you travel quickly throughout the city, making the stops you want, even using the multiple booking option or those that are made in advance.

Drive into novelty

You already have plenty of benefits and reasons why your taxi business needs to have motorcycles from now on. We recommend getting well informed about the laws of your city on this medium, so that you can have a smooth path when incorporating them. Don't wait any longer, open the interviews now to find the new drivers of your motorcycle taxi fleet.

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