Learn about the operation of a taxi software tracking system

Learn about the operation of a taxi software tracking system

Within taxi software there are various technological processes. We have all heard of GPS or the different location functions that devices currently have. But, most people don't know what those letters mean or how they actually work. We will explain to you, so that you can properly understand how the automated assignment of our trips and drivers is achieved.

In the app you can see maps, guides, selected routes and even venues. Like all technology, there is a whole system that makes each piece fit perfectly. How it works is not always easy to understand, but here, we'll clearly explain how the tracking system works.

What is GPS and how does it work?

The name of GPS is actually an acronym that means Global Positioning System. This works thanks to the more than 20 satellites that are orbiting around the Earth. They send information to receptors located in different places at the speed of light. Using Trilateration, which is using the databases of three satellites to pinpoint a location .

The data that a satellite can send to a GPS receiver analyzes the area in which you are with your device. This is done by spherical areas, which are nothing more than layers that overlap each other. In other words, these three satellites follow your position in the different layers and produce a result. It's what you see when creating an app for delivery or taxi service, either in the passenger app, driver or in the control panel.

How does it work from the main operator?

The satellites mentioned above do not interact with the app that we'll create for you, nor with the system that is managed as the head of the company. Yes, the Trilateration system is used to locate the different vehicles, but, in this case, telephone towers are used. The data goes through the internet to servers that process it, in order to be shown on the digital map of your device.

It sounds like a long and tiring process, but thanks to today's technology, it happens in seconds. Also, because our software, which makes up the different apps, is extremely efficient, in the blink of an eye you can track your workers. It sounds incredible but in real time you'll be able to see what's happening, this is called active GPS.

Tracking your passengers

In the case of drivers, it'll be shown in real time who's active, who's not and who has stood out. Not so with passengers, they aren't tracked unless they request a ride. It's important to highlight this because a record is kept of the drivers, which is important to have. In case it's needed in the future, in addition to keeping the fleet more organized.

But, as we know, customers often want some privacy about their residence.As well as the places they frequent, there is no record of them kept in the data. However, they benefit from our taxi software by being able to see maps, routes and their location in real time. This will make them trust your brand, positioning itself as a secure service.

Control of what is done within the company

The control provided by GPS location helps take actions that improve the profitability of your business. You will know if the entry and exit times are right, if not you can supervise the schedules. You can even make safe areas for rest and prohibited areas. Or, the so-called authorized perimeters in case a specific area is covered.

In case your business is a taxi service that owns the cars, it's also beneficial. Since it you'll be able to make sure that the vehicle does not wear out due to excessive use, time without production or if it is used for out-of-service practices. Should any of the above happen, you will be able to contact the driver and take action.

GPS is a valuable tool for a transport company

Now that you understand how the GPS system works and how it is used in our ToolRides taxi software. You will be able to make an informed decision to hire us and revolutionize the way you provide your services. Protecting your business, your employees and your customers in an effective and simple way.

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