Learn how to create a mobile application for your delivery service business that is similar to UberEats.

Learn how to create a mobile application for your delivery service business that is similar to UberEats.

Every food lover is interested in having quick access to food, that is, for them it is important to be able to order online quickly and easily. In the market there are platforms like UberEats, which was created in 2014 and now people enjoy placing orders from this platform. If you own a delivery service business , your goal should be to have as much profit as possible, and you can achieve this by implementing some of the UberEats strategies.

The success and popularity of UberEats is a reference for many new delivery businesses and also for many new establishments in the market. Since 2020, a large number of companies have only seen an increase in their profits thanks to the delivery service. Additionally, many customers also prefer online food and groceries to avoid picking up the items themselves. The convenience offered by the on-demand food delivery industry is one of the main reasons for the increase in orders.

Create a Food Delivery App Similar to UberEats

Start the growth of your online delivery business as UberEats did. A delivery app that is completely personalized will completely attract a large mass of customers. By offering 100% source code, updates and support, you can be sure that the quality of your services will increase.

Let us remember that every application similar to UberEats has a three-way process that connects the customer with restaurants and delivery agents. That is, the customer places their order through the application after finding the perfect restaurant and food.

Then the order notification goes directly to the restaurant chosen by the customer and it is the restaurant's responsibility to accept or reject orders according to the availability of items and time. If this is accepted, a two-way communication can be initiated between the restaurant and the client so that confirmation is given by the client.

At the time the order is prepared, communication is made with the delivery agent. This will be the one in charge of picking up the order and delivering it to customers, who can track their order using the geolocation function that you should include in your future application. It should be noted that it is necessary that your delivery app offers a channel so that the customer can communicate with the delivery agent, in addition to many other options.

Why is it beneficial to have an app like Ubereats?

By 2020, almost 60% of restaurant owners reached an agreement that home delivery has caused an increase in their sales during the pandemic and that restaurants are winning like never before. On the other hand, 31% of customers believe that they use online delivery service platforms at least twice a week.

A large number of millennials prefer food delivery solutions so they can enjoy being at home and not stand in long lines waiting for their order to be ready. In fact, there is currently a great need to have new market companies online. Even before the pandemic, there was not much demand for groceries and food as some people used to follow the same routine of visiting stores and picking up the required items.

With the pandemic, many people found themselves having to install online applications and order food. Many businesses, including delivery services , have entered the industry for commercial purposes after understanding the benefits of having digital platforms.

What is UberEats' revenue model like?

Generally, the delivery fee for customers in all restaurants will depend on and be measured by each order delivered to them. That is, it is your choice to charge a flat rate or charge per order. Different percentages are charged from different food delivery business models.

Also, they can implement the Subscription Model, which is that companies have an optional subscription model to obtain additional revenue from customers. These have the option to pay a certain amount of money decided by the owner to be a prime customer in which they can avail some privileges like discounts, early delivery and many other things. Customers on the subscription model have the ability to enjoy many more benefits.

There are various income models and it is necessary for your business to have a clear idea that it is very beneficial to enter the industry at this time because after the pandemic this modality has not failed or lost its popularity. There are still customers who prefer to buy groceries and food online instead of going there themselves.

Still don't know how to grow your delivery business through digital platforms?

It is essential that you observe and study the latest trends in the market; Even before entering the market you must analyze the ongoing trends and create an application that can be ahead of the competition. Adding basic and advanced features to make it more interactive is a good strategy.

Just like developing a feature-rich app or website. You can develop the platform yourself. However, it is advisable to go to professionals with sufficient knowledge on the subject. On the other hand, never forget about marketing strategies, as that is a very important aspect in any type of business.

A customer base is small at first, it progressively manages to expand and create a much larger clientele. What are you waiting for? It's time to create a digital platform that helps you with your delivery services.

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