Level up with a taxi system and corporate reservations

Level up with a taxi system and corporate reservations

ToolRides taxi system is innovative and what is more relevant, customizable. It can also help make you relevant both within your usual market, and in new areas not common to your drivers. One of the ways you can improve income levels is to work alongside corporations. These can be hotels, restaurants, malls, supermarkets, among others.

This type of reservation, once established, is much more secure, stable and organized. Why? The places mentioned above have constant traffic, that is, there are always people coming and going. Therefore, the goal is for the corporation
to give reservation priority to your taxi company over others. So you'll have a fixed income, not only for your business, but to give drivers peace of mind.

Benefits of a corporate reservation

As our app can be modified according to your needs, you can give the new partners a space within it. There is no need to wait outside the building or premises for hours waiting for someone to request a taxi. Since taxi control is booked directly, it can be by recommending the taxi company to customers or by offering it directly as an extra service. This second option is usually the easiest and most attractive for users.

A clear example would be a bar, looking for a taxi, late at night on the street is usually cumbersome. You would offer a practical alternative, as well as ensure that your customers will get home safely and would want to return to the business. Another benefit would be the trip booked in the future, you can go to dinner, spend the night in a hotel or go shopping in peace. Knowing that, at the stipulated time, the driver will be at the entrance waiting for you.

Corporations and their workers

Just as a service can be offered by association for the clients of a corporation, there is the option of serving the workers directly. There are companies that have large payrolls that work different shifts, so they come and go constantly. Covering the needs of their workers, you will make them more focused on what they do. Because they won't have to worry about how they're going to get there or leave by the time their work hours are done.

It works great at airports, train stations, ports, and other high-traffic locations. It doesn't matter if it was an emergency trip or it was planned in advance, this system for taxis will be available to offer trips with the available drivers. Workers, guests of users, will appreciate and spread the word of such an efficient and accessible service.

How to develop this taxi system in favor of businesses?

As we mentioned before, the panels, dashboard and tabs can be adapted to the needs of your business. Maintaining the logo, colors or design that the brand has so that the user recognizes you. Thus this will be the priority of many clients, whether they are corporations or not.

Just as the software can have different dashboards according to the branches, the data of the associated companies can also be added. So that a better administration can be made of how much the service is requested from, let's say, a hotel, or if there are more trips from a restaurant. Having a clear panel that will also give peace of mind and transparency to the person who is part of the corporate reservation.

How to take this new step?

You have to, first of all, check the areas in search of these companies and if there is already someone providing the service for them. If not, we seek to establish communication to attract the attention of the potential partner with everything you can offer. Always putting the focus on speed, effectiveness, ease and other attractive points of your service.

Once the deal is closed, everything is quite simple, you will have to decide whether to give access to the dashboard you manage. Workers can even be encouraged to download the app to familiarize themselves with the service. You can make advance reservations, round trips, add fixed locations or multiple trips.

Go all out with this new reservation type

Corporate reservations provide a new step to spread the wings of your company. Along with the taxi system offered by ToolRides, you will have all the tools to be a strong competitor in the transportation market. So don't wait any longer, hire a secure and customizable software with which you will be able to dazzle those potential clients. So that your trips increase in significant levels that you had not had until now.

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