Reasons why your drivers may receive fines

Reasons why your drivers may receive fines

There are several ways to receive fines and precisely in this article we want to define the most relevant ways to get them. Let's remember that receiving a fine is the worst way to dirty our vehicle records and as the owner of a company dedicated to transportation, it is necessary that you pay special attention to the drivers you hire for your company.

These, in addition to having experience as drivers, must be very responsible and have a record that shows that they will not cause you problems in the future. It is well known that speeding, driving while intoxicated or without a seatbelt are grounds for violations for which you can be fined. However, there are other violations that may be unknown to you and we will explain them one by one.

By being completely sure that the drivers you hire do not have a negative record, you will be contributing to the safety of your customers. In addition to this, it will raise the level of trust in your business.

Is it necessary to train drivers to be aware of fines?

The answer to this is yes. It is important that your drivers are trained before starting to offer taxi services in your company. In said training, they must be informed that in order to circulate safely it is important to know and comply with the traffic regulations. It should be noted that traffic regulations not only apply to vehicle drivers, but to all road users, such as pedestrians or cyclists.

Your drivers should know that an infraction consists of a breach of traffic rules and that receiving one of these can lead to a sanction or financial fine. Clearly this will depend on the severity of the situation. In addition, it can also imply a loss of points on the driver's license of said driver.

Types of infractions

As we mentioned earlier, there are a number of violations for which you can be fined. A number of these are popular and a number of them are not well known to drivers. That is why we will detail each of them below.

Traffic violations

These can be received for ignoring or omitting the signaling of maneuvers, also for speeding, for not respecting the right of way, for using the mobile phone, for skipping a traffic light, for driving without lights. In addition, these are also located the best known by the public; for driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

Other reasons why drivers may receive an infraction are for the lack of circulation authorizations, for driving without the permit or authorization necessary to drive the vehicle or for driving with an expired license. In the case of a transport service company, it is necessary that it has special insurance, otherwise it could be fined.

What are the most expensive fines?

Infractions could be classified by their seriousness as: minor, serious or very serious. The amount of the sanction and the possible deduction of points will depend on the severity of the infraction. The most common infractions and those that generate a greater number of sanctions are:

  • Speeding.

  • Driving under the use of alcohol or drugs.

  • Using the mobile phone while driving.

Sanctions are also commonly received for driving with an expired permit, not having the ITV up to date or driving without the compulsory vehicle insurance. However, the price of these fines are not as high as you might imagine.

Who is responsible for the fine?

You must be clear that the responsibility of the infraction can be for the driver or for the owner of the vehicle. That is, if your business consists of providing the vehicles and hiring the drivers, you may be affected. Clearly, it will depend on the type of infraction the drivers have been fined for.

Sanctions that can be received for a fine

A fine can be punished with a financial penalty but it can also cause a loss of points on the driving license. As we mentioned before, the economic sanctions of a fine will depend on the seriousness of the offense committed. The infractions that are classified as "very serious" and some of the "serious" ones may also imply a loss of points on your driving license. As it is a serious situation in fact, it is possible that the financial penalty could be greater.

What to do if a driver of the company receives a ticket?

If a driver of your taxi service business has received notification of a traffic ticket, he must check who issued it. Added to this, he must review and enter his address information. If the fine is directed at the driver, it must be directed at his residence and if it is for the vehicle, it must be directed at the company (only if the company owns the vehicle).

It is recommended that the drivers you choose to hire do not have a negative track record in their driving experience. Well, accidents could possibly occur in any of the services and these would support the popularity of your business. A transport company must avoid the history of fines so that the clientele can fully trust its services.

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