Taxi systems, what to expect from online booking

Taxi systems, what to expect from online booking

Updates are something imminent that every company or product must go through, that's why we offer taxi systems in the form of software. In the past, the most advanced taxi lines or agencies used radio systems between the drivers and the base. The way the trips were reserved was through calls, which was more cumbersome and also took much longer.

That's why ToolRides offers software that makes it easy, instead of wasting time looking for a taxi on the street. In a few minutes you can register from the device of your choice, make your reservation and that's it. This type of system is necessary for this society that is always in a hurry, but is looking for ways to simplify its tasks without leaving home. So we wanted to show the advantages and details of hiring a software plus app service.

Say hello to technology

In ToolRides, programming is used to create secure databases, forms, access for corporate clients, among others. Thanks to the built-in comprehensive system, the apps have a map, address and route service. Therefore, when downloaded and programmed, a map is displayed with all available vehicles in the area. That avoids delays both when the driver arrives and when directing the passenger to their destination.

Similarly, this Uber-like software allows the location of each driver to be monitored in real time. This ensures the passengers' and drivers' safety on every trip. It should be noted that our free support is available 24/7 so that at no time do you stop performing at 100%. No more wasting fuel and time, your drivers won't have to look for passengers all over the city.

Let's talk about numbers

Currently around 21% of taxi reservations are through apps or web platforms. The percentage is expected to increase this year, as it saves resources that can be used to expand the company. Half of the taxi drivers, that is, 50%, have joined agencies that use this type of apps. Why? They feel more productive, as well as feeling safer than when working independently.

There has also been talk of a 30 to 35% increase in reserves, due to the ease of the operation. However, this number has also risen with the current health situation. People prefer to pay for a taxi than to use crowded public transportation. It's unfortunate, but in difficult situations you should take advantage of opportunities to bring out the positive.

Transparent accounts, transparent payments

Taxi systems like the one offered by ToolRides come with their own payment processors to make revenue management easier. With different payment methods, modifiable as needed, and a details tab. It should be noted that it will not only be the confidence of your customers and drivers that will be calm with this processor. Also, as a business owner you can have transparent accounts at all times.

Travel commissions can be established when setting up the app. Thus, passengers will obtain an automatic calculation of their fare according to distance. The software can be preset so that payments are received directly to the business account, so you can distribute the money yourself. Or, payments can be sent to each driver based on the trips they take.

Prevention measures

Given all this pandemic situation by COVID-19, the way to raise awareness and establish measures through your service could not be missing. Therefore, if desired, a tab will be added to inform about security requirements. If the use of face masks is mandatory inside the unit and relevant information on this topic. Showing concern for the well-being of your workers and customers.

All you need to know about the dashboard

As an administrator or manager of the company you will be provided with a dashboard. It's fully customizable, being able to adapt as the company grows or changes. Despite this, we will name some details that are usually in a common dashboard.

    Weekly or daily income, it will depend on how you prefer it.

     Number of customers or users.

     The available drivers for the day, plus an optional Featured Drivers window.

    If more than one company or branch is managed, they can be added and will be seen in the dashboard.

    Graphs of services by day, week and month, in which details such as canceled, scheduled, on-air, completed and active trips are specified.

Change the future of your company with us

Consolidate the present and future of your company with our services, technology was made to facilitate tasks, so take advantage of it. Taxi systems such as ToolRides have been improving the services of multiple companies around the world for more than 6 years. Will yours be the next one to be on our lists of satisfied customers?

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