The boom in vehicle loans in Latin America and Spain

The boom in vehicle loans in Latin America and Spain

Among the new services offered in the transportation market, we can find vehicle loans. These are vehicles such as motorcycles or shared cars that become the future of the mobility sector, as well as a key driver in reducing its ecological impact.

The paradigm shift that is coming across all economic sectors with the need is incredible. The entire economy will have a more sustainable approach. In this change of model, car sharing services are one of the biggest revolutions in the way we move, especially in urban traffic. In fact, the concept is very simple, it is basically about sharing a vehicle between multiple users.

In Europe, there are millions of users who use this service. Among the countries of this continent, Spain stands out. In Latin America, it is just beginning to see gigantic growth in this service. Carsharing is integrated into a larger vision in which companies in the sector must assume how to serve the cities where they operate.

Mission of vehicle loans

The mission is clear, since the beginning of vehicle loans we have wanted to offer the possibility of making mobility more efficient in cities. This helps make the places where people live better. The use of private vehicles must be significantly reduced. To carry out this mission, we must try to offer all people all possible alternatives. In fact, these options must be displayed on a platform.


The companies that are in charge of offering this type of services must meet the needs of the users, even if all these companies develop differently according to the needs. The use of cars by city residents on certain occasions becomes necessary and convenient. Carsharing has a great projection in terms of efficient use, allowing it to be used for minutes, hours or even days.

Carsharing as an opportunity to create new business models

Professionals in the transportation market believe that all technologies currently will contribute to the business sector that offers car sharing services , especially everything that has to do with electric mobility and autonomous vehicles. In fact, it can be stated that the improvement in the autonomy of electric and hybrid vehicles is due to the carsharing model. Let us remember that this allows its use to spread and be better received by users.


With carsharing we can see how technologies such as the "autonomous car" will further help improve this business model. There are many ways to reinvent carsharing, for example, with a subscription model that allows access to the millions of Latin Americans who cannot afford to buy a car. The idea is not only designed to promote the mobility of these clients, but also to allow them to access a job market, that of being a driver for technology companies, which many cannot get into because they do not have their own vehicle.

Can a user request a carsharing service via mobile phone?

Chile has an innovative company that is setting the pace for carsharing, this company is Awto. “Awto" is a pioneer in providing mobility services in Chile. This is the first vehicle rental system and it works through an application. Although we know that this type of model is preferred by the local market, its great ability to execute different tasks when moving or meeting other types of needs, contributes strongly to the pillars of smart mobility, economy and sustainability.

Another Latin American country that stands out is Argentina. The Keko company started with at least 150 kilometer zero vehicles to get on the carsharing bandwagon. This company involved the merger of two Argentine companies, the fleet management firm. In addition to being a business opportunity and improving the conditions of citizens' access to mobility, carsharing is essential to meet the ecological objectives of the coming decades. Through car sharing services, we can offer users the vehicle they want, but with much more intensive and efficient use.

Fill yourself with benefits by creating your own car sharing business!

Car sharing encourages the instrumental use of the vehicle, being another alternative when choosing the mode to travel. It is therefore an ideological change that detaches the idea of ownership from the user. Having a business of this style will help you satisfy precise, infrequent or occasional mobility needs, although the frequency of use per user is 2 or 3 trips per month.

Currently, for every shared car in circulation (depending on the city), up to twenty private cars are eliminated. Carsharing should not be confused with carpooling and you cannot make the mistake of thinking that carsharing is similar to conventional vehicle rental.

However, it is important to clarify that both are feasible and both are beneficial for clients. That is why we invite you to learn more about carsharing and vehicle loans so that you can successfully venture into any of these.

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