Best features for a fleet sharing software

Best features for a fleet sharing software

Sharing vehicles is increasingly common and for this we are looking for an app with good fleet software that facilitates the entire transaction. There are platforms already created, however, companies actually say that they are not going well at all, that they are not completely sure of the features they offer. So we will delve into those qualities that should come with a good app of this type.

Get off to a good start

One of the first actions you must implement is for each vehicle to have an identification or QR code. Users will be able to scan through the custom app, making the software find the vehicle quickly. This is very useful because of the immediacy, but the most important thing is to let the system and other customers know that the car is no longer available.

Another option is the buttons in apps that unlock the car, it is one of the most used in shared cars and mopeds. This is much safer than QR codes, since they have a margin of error because they can be broken or erased. Instead, clicking on the application activates your trip and car availability automatically.

Classic starting modes in fleet software

Just as the previous options demonstrated the speed that the digitalization of processes brings us, we have the classic ways. Booking has been the common way for years, but now the software takes care of all the procedures. The car will already be set aside only for that user to use it at the agreed time. It is important that transfers from one client to another are also made through the app.

Connectivity and tracking

The connection is usually based on two fundamental pillars, the device in the vehicle and the fleet software. It is essential that the manager knows where each car is at all times, as do the operators. A good software will offer real-time information through GPS, the driving speed, if there is any eventuality or error.

Likewise, it must have alerts in case the vehicle is being forced to be stolen or the driver leaves the established area. We must be very emphatic about the need for this alarm, since these cars generate money for every minute used. So if something goes wrong, it is better to know as soon as possible to take the appropriate measures.

The best payment and security options

Before booking cars for clients, you have to have basic information about them. Relevant for the company and even for the user, there are software companies that use API solutions to carry it out. These allow data to be collated from your personal document issued by the country's government through a website or app.

These verification processes in fleet software usually and should last no more than a couple of minutes. It is important to ensure that the tool is robust, automated, and offers good user experiences. Also avoiding that fight for conversions that exists in the niche, in which considerable sums can be lost.

It is positive that there are now many payment providers that can be integrated into shared mobility software. Even so, it is relevant to delve into each one, that they be integrated into the user interface, that they provide security to all parties involved. Another point to pay attention to is that it is a stable service, which ensures uninterrupted operation.

What's next after the suppliers?

When the service has been paid for and the trip has been completed, a digital invoice must be issued, which can be sent by email. However, the software must also have a payment history within the app. Since the best customers are those who make recurring payments and travel continuously, subscription services are now promoted.

Dashboards and advanced functions

The options mentioned above must be expressed in an accessible way, that is why control panels exist. All people who are part of the car sharing organization process must have access. Of course, depending on whether you are a user or your position in the chain, only some tabs will be available.

Typically, this dashboard helps manage the fleet, trips and customers. To achieve effective data analysis, the dashboard will have data reporting and export capacity. A bonus that you could pay for and that will be totally useful is traffic prediction, so that areas with traffic jams are avoided.

Private or corporate bookings

Once the car-sharing fleet is consolidated, a part of it can be assigned to private services. This scheme is for shared use but at the corporate level, assigning cars for employees to companies. Exclusive access will also be attractive for hotels or airports. This will need to be included in the software, partner dashboards, and any necessary custom options.

Complete software

It's important to choose your partners carefully, but more important is to choose who will sell, customize, and maintain software to you. You have to be aware that it is a large investment, and if it has defects it will eventually cost much more. Most complaints from sharing users tend to be the instability of their platform, stay away from that.

Always be careful to check the SLA, since if it is not between 99.5% -99.9% you will experience failures. With the consequence that it becomes absurd to incorporate all the characteristics. Don't risk losing customers, cars, or money, invest in quality fleet sharing software.

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