How to attract drivers for your taxi service?

How to attract drivers for your taxi service?

Getting started in the taxi business can seem like a complicated task. But if you use the right tools, keep an open mind, and are willing to grow your business to the highest level, attracting the best drivers will be a piece of cake. If You're looking to expand the network of drivers for your taxi service, we have some strategies that you can implement to achieve it.

Offer bonuses and extra commissions

A good way to attract and encourage more people to join your company is by offering a bonus plan. This is a very effective system used by large corporations to incentivize their employees. Making them more active and productive at work.

Bonuses for completed trips, bonuses for punctuality, and even a bonus for simply signing up for your taxi service can be some interesting extras to offer your drivers. Keeping your employees motivated will increase the performance and effectiveness of your service, it's a win-win.

Start a referral program

Another type of bonus that you can offer your employees is through a referral program. Thus, by recommending your service to their fellow taxi drivers, they obtain a significant extra income, while your company gains drivers. You can consider giving these bonuses in cash or benefits within your taxi app.

This strategy is very effective when it comes to growing your list of drivers, giving you the possibility to cover more areas in the city. It will also help you to keep your workers happy thanks to this bonus that they get.

Mark the advantages of your service against the competition

You should take into account that you may not be the only taxi service in your city. Therefore, you must be very clear about the advantages that you offer as a company over the competition. it's not necessary to be totally revolutionary in the services that You're providing. Simply differentiate yourself from your competitors, giving your services that added value that they did not implement in their proposal.

Let drivers know in an accurate and transparent way about the benefits of working for your company. In this way, you will capture their full attention and they will make decisions based on what you offer and how it will benefit them. it's not about speaking negatively about other companies, but about showing your virtues over others.

Implement traditional Marketing campaigns

Keep in mind that, while behind the wheel, people do not check their phone. Therefore, social media and digital marketing in general are not the ideal way to reach your target audience. There are other more traditional methods with which you can capture the attention of your potential drivers in a more effective way. Some of these may be:

Radio marketing

Taxi drivers tend to listen to the radio every day. This is an effective method when recruiting drivers for your taxi app. Therefore, it's advisable to consult with the local radio stations in which you can place your ads at a good price. Also remember to check the rating of each station, because the more you listen to each day, the greater reach you will have to reach your potential new employees.

Word of mouth

Taxi drivers are always on the lookout for their colleagues. They always share the best routes, the best places to pick up clients, or just talk about their day. This is where as a business, you should encourage your drivers to talk about your service with other drivers. This form of "offline marketing" is quite practical and will help you grow organically.

Ads in crowded places

Traditional ads are a fundamental part of this type of marketing campaign. But more important than the ad itself is the site where it's placed. The most visited places by taxi drivers in the city are, without a doubt, the service stations, airports and train stations. This is a good starting point to gain visibility among the driving community about your taxi service.

Make your drivers feel special and exclusive

Feeling unique and important within a company is a great thing. it's essential to provide that feeling of originality among your drivers, making clear all the advantages that you offer that will make them feel unique. Show them in depth the benefits of your service, how it will differentiate them from the rest, the exclusivity of your customers, and even how different and innovative your taxi app can be.

Keeping your workers happy with their work environment and the way your service works is very important. This will extend their involvement within the company and improve their effectiveness in working with you. Always remember to show yourself transparently to your drivers and workers.

Apply these strategies and get the best results

To succeed in the taxi market, you need to have a large number of drivers willing to give everything together with your company. Therefore, it's essential that in addition to having an optimal number of workers on the payroll, a rigorous process must be carried out for their selection. You must have the best to deliver better results. In this way, you make sure that your customers and your own drivers feel safe with your service.

If you want your company to grow by leaps and bounds, apply all these methods and strategies, find a way to connect with your future drivers, and of course, with your current workers. Remember that a motivated fleet means better taxi service. What are you waiting for to start your marketing campaign and attract new drivers? Do you know any other strategy to achieve it?

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