Is it possible to create an Uber clone?

Is it possible to create an Uber clone?

When you have a business that provides mobility services, one of the biggest fears is not being able to reach customers. For this reason, companies tend to resort to all possible means to help achieve it. In case you are unaware of the options, creating an Uber clone is one of the ways that makes this task much easier.

Also, if there is something that users Shouldn't worry about from now on, It's how to get a taxi. Your company and your services will be able to speed up the process of selecting and even paying for a trip. You will ensure that your customers can obtain a service that is extremely safe and in which they can completely trust. The features they will find within the platform will make them feel comfortable using it on different occasions.

You should definitely take into account that It's necessary to evaluate what are the options that you want to add to the taxi application. The best way to do it is to identify the needs of the users that you want to capture so that the app can cover them. Clearly, the tool must be beneficial for your business and for the users who want to use it.

Features to include

Although It's repeatedly suggested that when creating a taxi booking app, you must consider the needs of the passengers, it’s also important to prioritize your drivers. Making the configuration that includes the platform one that favors your employees will ensure that your company has good development at all levels.

Booking a safe trip quickly will be the main objective of the app. However, other requests may be considered that favor both the passenger and the driver. Currently, one of the functions that has become popular in this type of system is the entry of coupons. This function will cause the client to enjoy a discount on the service and the driver to obtain more demand for his service.

Another function that will make your business have a greater chance of success will be the location map display. With it, the driver and the passenger will know the distance between them when making the reservation. It’s important to ensure that each function contained in the application increases the trust of the passenger with the driver and vice versa. In this way, the trip that is carried out will be more comfortable.

Create an Uber clone with passenger-friendly features

Some basic functions that have been considered and that cannot be missing when creating a taxi booking app are the following:

●       Registration: this is a function that a taxi service platform will not lack. Since through this, passengers must fill out their data, which is important to access the application and request the service.

●       Payment and card registration option: it’s a function with which payment can be made automatically. This is a very popular option when creating an Uber clone, as passengers will have the facility to pay for the service without having to go through cumbersome processes. Through the app, the automatic payment is made and later the service invoice is sent to the passenger's phone, or to their email.

●       Route display: This is a wonderful feature that taxi apps often offer. With it, users will have the advantage of verifying the availability of drivers, as well as knowing their location.

●       Customization of the type of taxi: with this function, passengers will be able to customize the service they wish to receive in a certain way. When selecting the type of taxi, they will be able to explore details such as: the price for distance or time, in addition to knowing and being able to compare the rates of each type of taxi.

In addition to the functions already mentioned, there are many others such as: add payment, service rating, reservation history and many others. On different occasions we have reiterated that the more features you offer to your users, the more secure and pleased they will be with the platform your business uses.

Driver-friendly features

On the other hand, when creating a taxi booking app It's also important that it contains functions designed for drivers. Some of the features that you can integrate into your future app are:

●       Driver & Vehicle Registration: This feature will allow drivers to register directly from the app. It should be noted that the company that owns the platform will be in charge of approving and activating the driver's profile.

●       Reservation: it will be part of those functions in which the driver decides if he approves or declines the reservation requests. This option will display the pickup point, as well as the distance between the pickup locations and the final destination.

The functions of the application will be developed correctly so that ordering a taxi is a simple, fast and safe task for the passenger and the driver. In both cases, these will be united and connected on a platform that cares about providing a positive experience. Coordination and mobilization has never been as simple as it’s with the help of ToolRides.

Creating an Uber clone is your best option

In earlier times, in order to get a taxi, you had to call the transport companies or go out to get one. Those days are gone. Today, mobile applications have made it easy to execute even actions, such as requesting a taxi. Definitely, digital platforms are revolutionizing the transport industry.

Booking a taxi from your fleet through an app will be possible regardless of the time, day or place. That is why this type of platform has become one of the most developed tools on the current market. Even when the technical aspects of such an application are not easy for everyone to understand. We recommend that when creating an Uber clone you start with the basics and study each element that will intervene in its functionality.

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